Pizza e Mozzarella Bar

Today on the Dining Diaries,

We discover pizza in Naples must be just ‘ok’
“Hype” can have a negative affect and
When the moon hits your eye and it ain’t a pizza pie, there’s no amore’ to be found.

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Today the Dining team were in Adelaide CBD.

We have heard a LOT of buzz about the Pizza e Mozzarella Bar situated in Pirie st.
I had even previously tasted a slice or two when a pizza had been taken back to the office by one of my work colleagues and had been impressed.

I had also heard Matt Preston from the Australian version of Masterchef say that this place has the best pizza outside of Naples

I didn’t want to let past experience sway me though, and just wanted to judge my dining experience on the present – as with all my reviews.

My reviews aren’t meant to be a be all and end all, just a written account of my opinions on the day I went into an establishment. FullSizeRender (44)

When you first walk into the Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, you walk into an invitingly warm room. The smell hits you first.

Woodfired pizza’s cooking means there’s a heavenly smokey smell throughout, with hints of garlic and tomato.

FullSizeRender (43)The carpet and mismatched water glasses make you feel like you’re at your nonna’s place.

It definitely whet’s your appetite!

A waiter addressed us as soon as we walked in, set us at a table and explained the specials to us. He was very thorough and persuasive because I ended up choosing the meatball entree that he suggested. Hubby went for the Capricciosa Pizza.
You can also view their menu online which I usually find handy.

When the dishes came to the table I was pretty excited. I could smell the tomato and basil coming from mine and it had been smothered in a gorgeous sauce.
I couldn’t wait to try it!

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The meatballs were pork and veal (from memory) mince and had mozzarella cheese in the middle.

It’s not in the photo but this dish also comes with four slices of continental bread which is just heavenly!! So deliciously fresh and soft.

I started mopping up my sauce with the bread before I’d even tasted the meatball!

That sauce was just divine and probably the best thing I had in this place tonight.

I’m sorry to say that while hubby didn’t have an awful experience with his pizza, he didn’t love it either.

FullSizeRender (46)The dough was really spongy and fresh and tasted great. The only problem was, the centre of the pizza was watery and soggy.

He wasn’t able to pick up a slice. Maybe that’s how they do them in Naples? Although I’ve been to Naples and I don’t remember the pizza’s being like that.

I felt really disappointed for him because I knew he must he was looking forward to having some good pizza.

The pizza had a bit of a rustic look. He also felt like there wasn’t enough toppings. The photo doesn’t really bring out how barren the pizza was. However, I can attest to the fact that in Italy, the pizza’s are like that. Hubby has a Canadian/American background and I’ve seen the way they pile on the toppings over there then smother it was cheese and more cheese. Sadly this pizza was barren however, what was on there DID taste good.
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The music that was playing when we were there was eighties and nineties pop. I would have thought they could have gone for something Italian – something more authentic. It was sometimes a distraction.

I was told they make that beautiful bread I ate in-house and in fact, I could buy some to take home if I wanted.
The restaurant also does cooking classes which may interest some people. Their website gives you more information.

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For the dollars that this place asks, and for the reputation that it has, I would have expected a little more and I’m sorry to say we were a bit disappointed and not entirely full when we left.

After strolling through the city, we went to the Adelaide Central Markets and made everything right again with a couple of treats!

Love the Adelaide Markets!

Have you been to the Pizza e Mozzarella Bar?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…

Campania Sports & Social Club

FullSizeRender (12)Today’s review is something a little bit different.

I was invited to my grandfather’s ninetieth birthday at the Campania Sports & Social Club so I thought, while I was there, I would review this type of establishment.

While the Campania Club caters for people coming off the street, it’s location is a bit out of the way and the tables are all large (to accommodate groups) making it perfect for large gatherings rather than casual dining.

We were first to arrive and the hall was still fairly sparse which made it look even bigger than it already is. I’m not sure how many people  it sits, but our group had seven round tables of ten and we were barely a quarter of the room.
I think it’s actually the perfect spot for large gatherings.
There’s a play area for children to keep them entertained while giving the parents a bit of a break, and there’s a large screen TV which may be antisocial, but I love… especially as the footy was on the night we were there.

FullSizeRender (13)
The staff were very accommodating to our large group and some family members had been in earlier to pretty up the tables a little and have things ready for our celebrations.

As some of us hadn’t seen each other for a while, we were still standing around up to an hour after we’d arrived. I think this caused a bit of frustration for the staff who were waiting for us to order but they were still very patient.

The food selection was a little limited but then again, this is not a pub or restaurant.

Your selection was either pizza, pasta or parmigiana.

FullSizeRender (11)
Napolitana Pizza

The pizza selections were fairly simple but then, this is how I like them.

Good quality dough with fresh toppings and that gorgeous sweet tomato sauce is enough for me.

I ordered two pizza’s to share between the three of us.
We chose the napolitana  pizza and the potato pizza.
My brother, who was sitting next to me, chose the pizza with the lot.



FullSizeRender (10)
Potato Pizza

The place was packed and even so, we didn’t have to wait long for our pizza’s to arrive.

I tried a piece of the Napolitana Pizza first.
I loved the base. Spongy dough with a crusty  base with a bit of charring which gave the pizza a lovely smokey taste.

The tomato sauce had beautiful flavours throughout.

I like my pizza’s simple. This is the way they’re made in Italy and it’s exactly how I love my pizza.

Simple with a good quality, fresh tomato sauce and that perfect crust. It really was a delight to eat.

I’d never had a potato pizza before and was a little unsure about putting potato on a pizza. However after trying this one, I have to say it was pretty good. The potato was hard enough to enjoy the texture but soft enough to know it had been cooked. I’m not sure I’d order it again myself, but I didn’t mind what I had. The only negative I would say is that it probably needed a bit more seasoning because potato on its own can be a bit bland. Again the base was just perfect.

FullSizeRender (9)
Campania with the lot


The Campania with the lot was probably the pizza that would have featured the most toppings but you can see from the picture that most people would think there’s still not enough toppings on there.


I would have to disagree as what I love most about pizza is the base especially when that base is cooked well, and these really were.




FullSizeRender (8)

As mentioned, apart from the pizza’s they can also do a few simple pasta dishes and I even saw Parmigiana on the menu, but I didn’t see anyone having that. It would be safe to say that a good portion of the people eating in the club that night were having pizza’s.


I did see someone at our table having a pasta dish and it kind of made me wish I’d ordered that because I love a simple pasta dish and if the sauce on the pizza was anything to go by, I can only just imagine how it would have been on the pasta. Their one complaint was that there should have been more sauce!

All in all we had a really good night and I if you’re planning on hosting an informal gathering for a group, and love authentic, home cooked style Italian food, I would recommend the Campania Club.
The staff really were so very lovely and patient with our group and did what they could to make the night and easy and special one for us.


Have you eaten at the Campania Club? What was your experience?

Let me know in the comments below.

Till next we chow…