Victoria Hotel

Today on the Dining Diaries

We learn that ordering a salad doesn’t mean you get a dressing as well
We find a menu that is a meat lover’s dream and
It’s true…. Comfort food brings comfort…

hseirganflb52rhkxeiiDiners today we’re at the Victoria Hotel or “The Vic” as it’s affectionately known.

We’ve been meaning to come back here for a while. Although we came early, the waitress was lovely and got us a nice table in their spacious dining area.

Lots of glass windows means there are gorgeous views of the Southern Adelaide Hills.  I tried to take a couple of photos but wasn’t very successful.

There was a fire place and we made a beeline to it but the waitress kindly told us that all the tables by the fireplace were booked, so we had to sit across the other side of the room. It did fill quite quickly and we weren’t so cold after a drink or two…

The menu was pretty amazing if you love meat! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many steak options. Hubby was quite beside himself! And then we noticed the Graziers T-Bone Challenge – 1kg graziers t-bone topped with 500g of bbq ribs & 500g of devil wings served w/ seasoned wedges & caesar salad. All that for $57.90 which is probably pretty good value.
I believe there is some prize, albeit a t-shirt or something like that, for being able to finish that one. I felt ill just reading it but it would probably make for a good share plate.

We ordered our drinks and also asked for a bottle of water. The waitress said she’d bring them right over. We got our drinks but the water never made it to our table. I’m being picky I know but our meal was almost over by the time I wanted water and realised it hadn’t come out.
FullSizeRender3We decided to start off modestly with a shared plate – HOUSE-MADE TRIO OF DIPS – served w/ assorted breads & petite salad

The menu didn’t specify what the dips were.
We guessed (from left) eggplant, salmon (or some kind of fishiness) and tzatziki.

The breads were good. Crisp. The eggplant was definitely my favourite. The tzatziki was disappointing because it was just so runny. The fish one was a little runny too and the eggplant, while it was the best, could have done with a little more substance but the taste itself of all them was ok.
I was disappointed that the salad had no dressing. Just a bit of rocket and shredded carrot put on a plate. I mean it all looked pretty but I wonder why some places just refuse to dress a salad?

The place had started to fill quickly now and eventually someone came to take our entree plate away and said “did you enjoy your meal?” We replied yes, then as he left hubby said “I think he thinks we’re finished now” and we wondered that for a while as it took some time before our mains came.

FullSizeRender5I felt chilled to my bones when we walked in so for main I ordered serious comfort food – GRAZIERS BEEF PIE – tender graziers beef slow cooked in a rich gravy, encased in golden pastry served with mash potato, peas & topped w/ gravy

It was everything I was expecting it to be. Warm and comforting. The meat inside was tender and delicious. The gravy was wonderful. The peas were firm and sweet and the mash was creamy. Actually the mash was a little lumpy rustic and maybe stodgy but it just reminded me of what I present my family at home so it made me feel good!


Hubby went for (surprise, surprise) GRAZIERS SCOTCH FILLET 300g –  known as one of the better eating primal cut of beef, the scotch fillet will exceed eating expectations “simply superb”

He ordered it with mushroom sauce on the side. He said while the meat had a really nice flavour, it was a little dry and he was glad he’d gotten the mushroom sauce to eat it with. But that was only a small complaint, he’s a meat eater and he loved it. The menu does state “will exceed eating expectations” and you really shouldn’t put that on there if you can’t deliver! But I’m being picky – It was good and this place obviously knows how to cook meat.

The menu states that all meat dishes come with a Caesar salad and “chet” potatoes. I asked what they were as I was ordering and the waitress said “baked potatoes”. I guess “chet” sounds sexier? I mean if it’s a baked potato, it’s a baked potato… and again, the salad had NO dressing. How can you even call it a Caesar if it has no dressing??

I know I’ve been a little picky but the Vic is definitely a place you want to visit. Good food, nice atmosphere and fairly competitive pricing… and maybe you’re up for that Graziers T-Bone challenge?? I would definitely want to know about that!

Have you been to the Victoria Hotel?
What did you think?
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Till next we chow..