Today on the Dining Diaries…

A Lamb Shank creates food envy,
A wonderful server makes us feel right at home and
Good food at a reasonable price right in Unley!


Diners today we were at BarZaar on Unley Rd and what a good little place this turned out to be!

We had seen this place popping up on our Facebook news feed and were actually thinking it was referring to another establishment. I’m so glad we looked into it a little further today.

The first thing you notice as you walk in is that it’s like an older type dining room with a modern feel. There’s lots of orange and brown colours. I was still trying to work out if I FullSizeRender[4]liked it or not when a nice young server came and spoke with us.

He gave us some menus and said he’d be back to take our order. He was super attentive, informative and helpful and made us feel welcome and comfortable.

From our table we could see the outdoor area and noticed this cute little herb garden. There was a sign there saying the chef grows his herbs there but anyone is welcome to take what they need as well. How cool is that!!

It was way too cold to consider eating in that outdoor area today but I bet it would be a great place to sit in the Summer time… if you don’t mind traffic noise that is.


There is some association with the SANFL Sturt Football Club but we didn’t really find out anymore about that. If you’re supporter, you probably already know about this place!

I was happy when they brought bread to our table.
It seems fewer and fewer places are doing that.
Not only did they bring bread, but it was crunchy and had those delicious sesame seeds on top.

We decided to share a starter. Hubby chose the Lamb Kofta. I must admit, I was too busy faffing about to see it on the menu so I wasn’t really sure what he’d ordered but I thought it would probably be yummy.

And they really were yummy!!! They brought out a sauce to have with them. I thought it was like a tzatziki but hubby thought it was more like sour cream and chives. I think I was right. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a menu online so I can’t confirm it.
Either way, these were really delicious. They were flavourful, held their shape and just glorious when dipped in that refreshing sauce!

For main I thought I’d try the Lamb Shank! It’s been ages since I’ve had one but what sold it to me was that it was served with couscous.

It looked soooooo good when it came out! As soon as I put my fork to it, morsels of lamb fell away from the bone. It was exquisite! I could see hubby was getting jealous… I’ll get to that in a moment. Not only was the shank really well cooked, but the couscous was just so delicious! It had bits of eggplant, capsicum, onion and I think there were sultanas in there too? Such a beautiful combination of flavours. I could have had a plate full of only that!

Hubby was pretty food conservative today and went for a chicken parmigiana.

Even though he had this pretty and colourful plate in front of him, he kept looking over at mine. I pinched one of his chips and thought they were really seasoned well!! Nice, crispy and were just tasty.
He said the meat was well cooked and there was certainly a generous amount of cheese on there! The salad was also really well dressed. I just can’t eat bits of lettuce and tomato if there’s no dressing on them but so many cafe’s do that!

Even though he was eating his meal, he was still eyeing off mine and jealousy can be a cruel master so I let him clean my shank bone. What a good wifey am I.
He eagerly took it and got the remaining bits of meat off.

BarZaar is not some fancy place, it’s an every day bistro on Unley rd and if you’re looking for a good honest meal, you just can’t go past it!

Have you been to BarZaar?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!!

Till next we chow…


Woodville Hotel

Today on the Dining Diaries…

We learn that the size of one main is not directly proportional to the size of another
We bask in the glory of a heated outdoor area and
We discover that nice dining areas and friendly staff can push a dining experience over the “average” line.

Hello fellow diners, today the team was at The Woodville Hotel


The first thing we noticed was that it had a few different dining areas. The main area was completely booked out so we walked out into “the yard”.
According to their website, they have recently upgraded and I quite liked this area. FullSizeRender (89)Although this is an “outside” area, it’s protected from the elements but still allows glorious sunlight to stream on through the windows warming up my chilled bones. The heating in that area helped a bit too!!

There were staff bustling about here and there but all were very friendly and eager to please.
We looked at the menu and I noticed the regular sort of pub fare that you’d expect from any decent bistro. Nothing really jumped out at me. They had parmi’s, steaks, burgers, pizza’s and a few seafood options.
Because I’d seen this on the menu online before arriving, I knew I was going to order the bruschetta to share with hubby as an entree. It also helped that I saw a serve of this coming out and it looked quite big!

For main hubby jumped out of his steak comfort zone and went for the Oven Baked Chicken Breast : Filled with double smoked ham, semi-dried tomato and haloumi cheese served on garlic mash potato and topped with citrus hollandaise

I chose the Coorong Beef Rump Parmigiana: With chips, salad and your choice of sauce

I swear I’d barely sat back at the table after ordering before the bruschetta came out.

FullSizeRender (90)

I had been craving this and was really really looking forward to it! It didn’t disappoint. It looked pretty on the plate. The bread was lovely continental bread, lightly toasted, and the tomatoes were sweet and full of flavour. I just love tomato and basil. Such a heavenly combination! The sticky balsamic added a nice touch too. If I’m being picky I’d say I’d prefer my bread to be a little more toasted but hubby said he liked it just the way it was so that just comes down to personal preference.

Unfortunately it was finished just as quick as it came out and now our hunger, rather than being partially satiated, was enraged! We had been warned that hubby’s chicken was going to take at least thirty minutes before it was ready however it did seem like it came out sooner than that. Still, I like when you get that warning because then you’re not left wondering if they’ve forgotten your order.

Hubby was a little disappointed when he saw his dish. Only because to him, it looked small. I’ve taken pictures from both sides so you can get a better idea of what came out.
I thought it looked ok on the plate but probably could have done with a bigger salad so that the meat didn’t look so lonesome and maybe could have done with some fries on there too. I mean when you compare it to what mine was, this is like an itty bitty serve and yet cost quite a bit more than mine. I know that’s not how things are priced but when you have a hunger….
There was nothing wrong with the taste of it. Hubby said it was good. Nice flavours throughout but he couldn’t get past the size of it. Not that he should have complained really because he ended up eating half of mine!

Again I couldn’t choose what picture to post so I’ve shown you a couple from different angles. This beef parmi was HUGE! And they were so generous with that cheese!!
The meat was good, tender, the tomato sauce was ok and the cheese was gooey as it should be. All good. No complaints.
I’m not sure why we weren’t “wowed” as there was nothing wrong with anything either of us ate and everyone was lovely to us. Most of the things we saw on the menu I thought were reasonably priced or at least, comparable to other pubs/bistro’s.

If you’re a local or simply looking for a good bistro I would recommend The Woodville. The food is good, the prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly and from what I see, there’s usually quite a few people about!

Have you been to the Woodville?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…