Melt CBD


I must have walked past Melt CBD a thousand times and never really noticed it.  When hubby and I were looking for somewhere to eat we initially walked past it but decided to go back and give it a shot.

It seems deceptively small from the outside but it’s actually quite a big space and it was noisy and full of people who knew it was cool to be there.

What Melt are known for are their Tapas and Pizza’s. Hubby and I ordered three Tapas and a Pizza because we wanted to get a good idea of what this place was  all about. I thought it was going to be way too much food but as it turns out, there was room for dessert… somewhere else…

So to start off with we ordered three dishes; Halloumi, Hummus and Ground Lamb and Gnocchi in Pesto, Spinach and Kale.



The Halloumi was seasoned nicely. It had a rich deep flavour that just filled our mouths with loveliness.

The bread was toasted and crispy and was perfect for that Halloumi.

The third element on this plate was onion that had a sweetness to it and when you had all the elements on this plate together it was really  “party time” and we had great hopes for the dishes to come.





The Hummus and Ground Lamb  was tasty enough but it was spread quite thinly on the plate and there was hardly any ground lamb in there.


The photo of our dish shows you exactly what we got and that was a little disappointing.


There was way too much pita for the amount of  Hummus although what we did have was not unpleasant.




Our last Tapas dish was Gnocchi with pesto, spinach and kale.

I almost wanted to cry when I saw this dish and it’s probably not Melt’s fault. I just didn’t expect to get six gnocchi in a bowl of cream.

Hubby’s first words when he saw it was “Send it away and tell it not to come back until it’s grown up”

It was a little underwhelming. Hardly seasoned. It really felt like I was eating some stodgy gnocchi in a soup of cream





So then we come to their main specialty…. The Pizza.

We ordered the “El Diablo”

We still had quite an appetite when this came out and sadly, I was again disappointed.

My Italian genes were screaming “This thin, wafer type paper base is NOT a pizza crust!!!” It’s definitely not like mama makes!

I like thin crust pizza, but that was NOT a pizza dough.  This picture does it more justice. It was so thin you actually couldn’t pick up the pizza to eat with your hands. You had to use a knife and fork.  What was on the pizza was OK although I must admit I’ve never had fennel on a pizza before. I may have liked it less had I not been so hungry. The only thing that made me think I’d actually eaten something was the chili which remained in my mouth after we’d finished.

I’m sure I’m in the minority when I say I don’t like this place and won’t be going back there. I thought it was pricey for what you got but I’m guessing you’re paying more for the experience of being somewhere where everyone is saying you have to go, than for what they’re actually offering.

Have you been here?

What did you think?

Feel free to leave your comments below!

Till next we chow….