Sussex Hotel

Today on the Dining Diaries…

We see a platter that captures hubby’s attention for the duration of our meal – unfortunately it was not on OUR table…
An unexpected salad bar sighting has hubby in raptures and..
We experience a burger without the works….

thumbDiners today we were at The Sussex Hotel. We got here quite by accident because we’d actually gone into another establishment a little down the road and after sitting down and looking at the menu for over five minutes, hubby and I looked at each other and said “you know, there is another place down the road….” And that other place was the Sussex!

I was so glad we’d decided to come here instead because from the moment we walked in the mood was different. The staff were really friendly and there were lots of people eating what looked to be good food! Hubby was sold as soon as he saw the salad bar.

dPic8They’ve got a couple of different dining areas. We chose to sit inside, but overlooking the nice outdoor area. There was a tv screen, music playing, people dining – all made us feel comfortable and welcome.

We checked out the menu but hubby was having a hard time because he couldn’t get his eyes off the table next to ours. They had ordered a share plate that just looked phenomenal. I later tried to find it on the menu online, and although there is a share plate listed on there, I don’t think it’s the same as the one we saw. A couple of girls had ordered it and it had all sorts of meats on there which was not in the description I saw for the share platter online – Ham, salami, that kind of thing! Hubby was almost begging me to get that with him but I just didn’t feel like eating finger foods. He contemplated getting it on his own I’m sure…

Hubby ended up ordering the Sussex Burger and I went for the Barramundi – oven baked, served with mash potato, wilted greens and beetroot hollandaise. The beetroot hollandaise sounded interesting to me!

dPic4So after ordering we went to check out the salad bar.

I must admit, I didn’t check out the cold salads really.

They had the general fare- scalloped potatoes, creamed cauliflower, broccoli and beans… It all looked ok. Some things tasted better than they looked – not sure if that’s a good thing. I was a bit disappointed with the bread. It was just regular sliced bread, not cute little dinner rolls as I would have liked.

Now on to our mains!

I always rib hubby that I order better than him and today, it was true once again.

I don’t think there is anything I could fault about this dish. Look at how pretty it looks on the plate. That beetroot hollandaise really is a gorgeous colour!
Looks are one thing, but this dish also had taste. From the greens on top to the Barramundi and mash on the bottom… everything was a pleasure to eat. I was really hoping hubby wasn’t going to ask me for  a taste because I didn’t want to share. The peppercorns on top of the barramundi lit up my tastebuds! The dish itself was also temperature hot which I loved. I would definitely have this dish again.

Hubby went for the Sussex Burger.


It looked pretty good when it came out. Surprisingly, it was the only burger on the menu… unless we missed something?? Hubby thinks he even saw a sign boasting they had the best burgers in Adelaide (plural) but this was the only option on the menu.
As he was eating it he realised there was no cheese, no bacon, no egg… and we didn’t have the option of asking for these to be added either.
The menu does state that it comes with cheese, but there was none in hubby’s burger. He said the patty seemed too small compared to the size of the bread and seemed a bit mushy. He did like the bread though. I would have liked it toasted (it wasn’t).
Overall it was really disappointing for him. There was nothing “bad” about it, it just wasn’t what he’d expect to get when ordering a burger.

You have to remember that as he’s eating this less than perfect burger, he’s still ogling the next door table with that share platter. They had to end up getting a take away container as they weren’t able to finish it all and I had a teensy weensy bit of guilt as hubby kept muttering “I never get what I want” – which for the record, is a lie.

I feel that there were mostly positives about our trip to the Sussex today and I would definitely recommend this place – perhaps just don’t order the burger!

Have you been to The Sussex?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…

The Robin Hood – Norwood

rhh-home-630x400It’s been quite a few years since I was last at The Robin Hood Hotel and if I’m remembering correctly it was a bit of a dive at that time.

Since then, I think it’s had a makeover and I’ve been hearing good things about it so I’ve been wanting to go back and have a look for myself.

My first impressions were really not that great. Hubby and I wandered in from the back entrance looking a bit aimless and lost, and no-one asked us if we were there for dinner, or just wanting a drink.

Finally I found a waiter who told me to grab a menu, have a drink, then come back and order from the bar…
It turned out to be a little more complicated than that. I had to order food from one counter and drinks from another. Stand in one line, then stand in another.

The menu itself was pretty cheaply done and not very exciting to look at which is a shame really, as the food turned out to be surprisingly good.

Hubby and I decided on the Meat Sampler tasting plate and we ordered some sourdough bread and dukkah too.

There were a good amount of people seated in the outdoor area where we were. It was fairly comfortable and there was a large screen TV showing a live AFL game.
Unfortunately there was some unidentified animal droppings at the end of my seat. I guess you have to expect that kind of thing in an outdoor setting.

IMG_5365The bread came out fairly quickly and any minor irritations up until that point instantly vanished. It was warm and crusty and was quite a generous serve. When I broke it apart a puff of steam was released. The outer was firm and crunchy but inside the dough was soft and warm. It was so delicious even before I added any dukkah to it!  The dukkah was also so full of flavour. I  would have loved to have known what was in there. We had no trouble finishing up every speck on that dish!
I’d forgotten its description from the menu so I didn’t realise we also had some babaganoush. I’m not sure I’ve had that before.
It was very creamy and tasty although I have nothing to compare it too so I don’t know if that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

IMG_5366The meat sampler followed fairly closely behind.  It was made up of pulled pork belly and cheese burger sliders, braised lamb shoulder, freekah and Greek feta salad, crunchy chicken skewer, homemade onion rings and sidewinder wedges.

We tucked into the two sliders first. I’m not sure which I liked more. The cheese burger slider was delicious but I feel like I’ve had that before. It was fairly simple but the meat was thick and juicy and the mustard complimented it nicely. No “wow” factor but enjoyable all the same.
The pulled pork slider was equally delicious although I couldn’t taste a huge amount of pork. There was coriander in this slider which gave my mouth a nice “yum” explosion

The Onion Rings were a little disappointing in that I couldn’t really taste the onion. Hubby and I had onion rings recently and the onion was deliciously sweet. The ones on this plate were lost in the batter. The wedges were battered lightly and  were crispy and fresh. I really enjoyed them and thought their shape made them a little more interesting than having normal wedges on your plate..

Another item on this tasting plate was the crunchy chicken skewer. I’m not a huge fan of chicken but these were chicken thigh fillets so they were very tender and moist and the crusty outer was so tasty.
img_5367Next to the chicken skewer was an interesting salad. On the menu they called it freekah and Greek salad. I think the only thing “Greek” about it was they had bits of feta in there but it was absolutely delicious. Feta, freekah, beetroot, almond, goji berries, sultanas… it would have been very sweet but when you ate it with the rocket, it balanced beautifully. I’m going to try to make this one at home!

Lastly, there was lamb on the plate. Lamb is normally my favourite meat but I found this to be very dry however it was still tasty. Maybe that was my lamb bias showing…

As I said, the food was surprisingly good and I’d love to go back there and try a few other items on the menu!

Have you eaten at The Robin Hood? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow….