Oot and Aboot in Canada Eh! – Day Four

This morning it was so nice I had to get out and went for a short walk.

IMG_0150Something I haven’t written about yet in all the times I’ve been to Canada is the three and four way stops.

I just can’t get my head around it.

I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture to my left, but that is a T – junction and it has a three way stop.

What that means is that when you get to the intersection you stop, give way, and if you were the first (or only) car there, you can go. Whoever got there next, goes next and so on and so forth. So no matter if you’re on the straight rd, if you get there and there’s a car waiting to come out of the “t” section, you have to wait for that one to go first before you can continue going on straight.


It’s the same for four way stops which are for cross roads. I definitely prefer our system in Australia although I guess it does slow traffic down.

We had more family time today which including a trip to Walmart.
All I could think of was the “People of Walmart” memes but I was told, that doesn’t really apply in Canada.
So now you know.


If you need a toilet/bathroom here, you’ll see it and hear it referred to as “washrooms”

Our family group had dinner at Boston Pizza. It was pretty good. I had heard a few mixed reviews so was a little apprehensive but turned out to be a good choice and my pasta was just delicious!

After dinner we finally went for a drive to the Forks. I can’t believe we’ve been here four days and are only just going down there now! Normally it’s the first place we’re taken.

There was a little chill but it was really nice and relaxing and pretty as the sun was setting.

Even found a busking station but luckily for the passers by, did not start singing.


There was a bit of an incident as we left The Forks.

Hubby was busy talking about the MTS Centre and was going to show us where it was.
Now, he’s the one doing the driving and he’s used to driving like we do in Australia, on the left hand side of the road. Up till now he’s been doing well but with the distraction of hockey, as he went to make a left out of the Forks, he went into the LEFT hand side lane on Portage instead of the right hand side.
Luckily the oncoming traffic was far enough that we had time to reverse and correct our direction.

I feel like our time is going too fast now. We’ve been having such a good time with family. Tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 24 degrees!

For now Good Night and Bonne Nuit.

The Pier – Glenelg

IMG_5565Today was a gloriously divine Autumn day in Adelaide and hubby and I decided we wanted to be somewhere coastal so we took ourselves to The Pier at Glenelg for lunch.

It’s a very welcoming place with gorgeous views. The staff were very friendly and accommodating.
I went up to the bar to place my order and the server was busy with another customer who wasn’t quite sure what she wanted however the server still took the time to acknowledge me and said she’d be with me in a moment.
I love that! All businesses should take notice of customers no matter what their trade is.

Hubby and I chose a sharing platter so that we could sample a few different things that the Pier had to offer. I started off with a delicious Moscato, hubby sipped on an Apple Cider and we watched Ice Hockey on the big screens while we waited for our platter to come.
With sun streaming through the windows, the brilliant ocean in the background and bustling tables around, it really was a glorious way to start a lunch.

Our platter looked delicious when it came out but I could tell hubby was already thinking that it wasn’t enough.

Arancini Balls


I didn’t know what to pick first! I ended up trying one of the Arancini Balls. They are lightly fried risotto balls with semi dried tomato, basil and pecorino with  lime aioli.
The first thing I noticed was the little kick the lime aioli gave it. Not a punch, just a little kick. Enough to make it stand out without taking away from the taste. It had a soft gooey centre and a crisp crunchy outer. I really enjoyed the Aranchini Balls and was sorry I’d told hubby I’d only have one and he could have the other two.



The next thing I went for was the Garlic Bread. If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would probably be bread.

It was nice, however I would have liked it toasted a little more. It wasn’t overly garlic too which was nice.

Sometimes garlic bread is so heavy laden with garlic that you can’t taste anything else and it repeats on you for the rest of the day.

The fries were good. Crisp and fresh as they should be and presented in the little fry basket as they are seeming to do these days. I left hubby to devour those.


Soft Taco’s

The taco was interesting. Soft taco with pulled pork, rocket, red onion, salsa and sour cream.
It was really so very tasty!

The rocket brought a freshness to the heavy meat taste and the salsa and sour cream had a nice creamy texture which made it a pleasure to eat.
I also found this to be deceptively filling.



Soft Shell Crab Sliders

I left the Soft Shell Crab Sliders till last as I’m not really a seafood person and those little crab legs were freaking me out. The photograph doesn’t really show what I was looking at from my angle.
They were in a brioche bun which I’ve said before is not my favourite but seems to be the rage for burgers and steak sandwiches these days.
The slider had a strong seafood taste which someone who likes seafood would probably really enjoy. I let hubby have the rest of mine but even I, a non seafood eater, could appreciate the flavour that went into it.

Of course the first thing hubby said when we were finished is “What’s for lunch” but honestly, that would have been a good amount of food for regular people.

I would definitely recommend the Pier. The views were spectacular, everything we had was delicious and well presented and the staff were really so very friendly and made us  feel welcome and at home.

Next time you’re walking along the Glenelg foreshore I recommend you drop in for a drink and little bite to eat!

Have you been to The Pier before?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below…

Till next we chow….