Cafe Fellini

Today on the Dining Diaries…

Casual relaxed dining at its best
Pizza’s like Nonna makes and
Big serves to make big appetites happy!

fellini-1-1 - CopyDiners today we were at Fellini in North Adelaide.
Fellini’s is one of those places that I’ve known about for years but have just never gone to. I’m so glad hubby and I decided to go in today.

After braving a blistery Winter’s day in Adelaide, it was nice to enter the comfy warmth of Fellini’s. It wasn’t just the temperature, but the friendly staff, the wooden tables, wooden chairs and fake exposed brick wall that just made you feel welcome.
Music was playing and a TV screen or two were on to entertain those who were alone or without conversation.
Some places can be unnecessarily pretentious but this is not the case with Fellini.


Most of the tables had reserved signs on them when we arrived late afternoon, but we found a table and looked through the menu. I was surprised at how much was actually on the menu as I had always thought of Fellini’s as just a pizza place.
Turns out I was wrong.
I wasn’t going to have a drink but was tempted by a Cabernet Sauvignon  from the Coonawarra region. My weakness. How could I say no?

Hubby was really craving a pizza so he ordered a Pizza with the Lot. And yes, that does include anchovies.

I found a few of my regular favourites and ended up going with Fettucini Vespa which basically was Fettucini in a non tomato sauce, with prosciutto, rocket and prawns.

I should add that the menu had a lovely description of the owners backgrounds and how they came to own Fellini’s. I was particularly interested as they’re from the same part of Italy that my father was from. If you want to take a read just click the following link

I was pleasantly surprised when the meals came out and actually wondered if we were going to be able to eat it all!


My Fettucini Vespa was just divine! I ended up giving most of the prosciutto on top to hubby because he loves that stuff. They weren’t shy with their portions! There was a lot of prosciutto on there and it was really tasty but it’s just not my thing.
There was an equally generous portion of prawns. I couldn’t help it, I ate all of them first. They were so big and juicy and really full of garlic! I didn’t care while I was eating them but found myself   tolerating  enjoying the taste for hours later.

The fettuccine were cooked perfectly aldente and I really did love the rocket that was through it. I did think once of twice that if they’d added pistachios to this dish it would have made it perfect!

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy

Hubby was equally happy with his pizza and as usual, he shared his pizza crust with me. The base was neither too thin or thick. It was fluffy, charred a little and just tasted perfect. The toppings were really fresh and they were generous with their portions which was really good to see. If hubby could have changed anything about this pizza it probably would have been to have a little more cheese on it but he really enjoyed it.

All in all I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed Fellini’s and I’m looking forward to going again.

Have you been to Fellini’s?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!!

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The Republic

Today on the Dining Diaries…

A perfect Pork Belly restores hubby’s faith that such a thing exists,
A less than enthusiastic waitress perks up when she sees me scribbling in my notebook and
If you need to take thirty minutes or more to figure out to the cent how much everyone owes for what, then you probably shouldn’t be going to a place where you can’t split the bill…

Diners today we found ourselves at The Republic. I had been here a few months earlier for a school reunion and thought it looked like a pretty cool place.  We were only meeting for drinks though, I didn’t even get to sneak a peak at the dining area that day…

I love the bar area. Great design, great lighting, great seating areas; It really is a place you want to relax and linger with a drink.

rep1We walked through this nice area to get to the dining area and I felt a little let down. It just doesn’t seem as exciting. To me, it looked a little dated (carpet) but still, I was eager to see what the food would be like here.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the bar area but there are plenty on their website.
The picture to the right is of the restaurant. I think it was the “green” on the walls and the carpet that put me off. All minor things…

The girl who greeted us seemed a little annoyed that she’d have another table to wait so close to the end of lunch service. There were two other groups in this restaurant when we came and she started to bring us to a table that was between the two. I asked if we could sit on the end table (for a bit of privacy) and it was like I’d asked her to perform a handstand. Grudgingly she took us to the end table and handed us some menus. She promptly told us that a couple of items on the menu weren’t available and a portion of the menu was for dinner service only (we were here for lunch) so that was a little disappointing. Hubby took a long time trying to figure out what he wanted but he eventually went for the Pork Belly. I chose the “Clean and Green Pasta” Spinach, fettucine, broccoli, kale, spring onion, peas, salsa verde.

Because we were quite peckish we started with a Duo of Dips.

rep2The waitress shuffled off to take care of our order and hubby and I noticed the salt on the table.

I guess it’s a cute little bowl but all I could think were the fingers that had been in there. Luckily, I normally don’t salt my food but if I were someone who did, I don’t think I’d be using any salt from that little bowl.

When the Duo of Dips came out, the waitress saw me scribbling into my  notebook (Usually I try to be discreet) and saw me taking photos of the food. From that point she was switched on and attentive. I shouldn’t be hard on her really, and I don’t mean to be, but the change was pretty dramatic.

rep3The dips were presented in an interesting way.

Firstly, I LOVE that they served this with carrots and cucumber!! Normally we get breads of some sort but I found this much lighter and nicer to eat.
They did also provide eight slices of sourdough bread which you might think is excessive but I’d rather excess than the opposite.

The dips themselves were quite nice. One was Egyptian Pumpkin and the other was a French Onion Dip.

They had a lovely consistency and flavour to them. I’m not normally a pumpkin person but this was really nice to eat.

While we were waiting for our mains to come out, one of the tables down the other end were discussing the bill. There were about eight in their party and I couldn’t believe how accurate to the cent their calculations were about who owed what. It became pretty amusing really. It wasn’t just a passing conversation this went on for twenty to thirty minutes! I had to think, if it really was that important, why wouldn’t they have gone somewhere where you order and pay at the same time!

When the mains came out, hubby was salivating.


His Pork Belly really looked amazing!! And it tasted just as good. His one little complaint is that there was no crackling but what was there was tasty. I kept trying to ask him what it was like but all I got back was “mmmmmm” so I figured he was experiencing a food fantasy and didn’t press for more. Eventually he told me that it was the best Pork Belly he’d ever had. The Jus was a little sweet and he’d kept some of the bread over from the Dips and used that to mop it up. The Pork was just divine – he even stopped to compliment the chef on the way out.

I had been craving pasta before we even entered the restaurant and was glad they had one that appealed to me.

I guess I kind of skipped over the bit in the menu where it said there were peas. It’s not that I don’t like peas, but I think their inclusion had more to do with their colour than anything else.
Having said that, the pasta was cooked really well, the broccoli was cooked but still had firmness and everything else worked well together – There was a bit of an olive oil taste as well which I loved. This was a really nice dish that I would have again, even with the peas if I had to.

If we do come to the Republic again, I’m not sure we’d eat in the restaurant. We’d probably just hang out at the bar with something from the bar menu.
It is an interesting place so I would definitely recommend a visit. The food was good and everything else just comes down to personal preference.

Have you been to the Republic?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…