Day trip to Victor

img_8867The unimaginable happened today. I gave up my usual exercise routine and went on a full day trip to Victor Harbor with hubby!
I kind of felt like I owed it to him as the night before, he’d asked me to cut his hair (and believe me, I’m not hair dresser) Normally I cut his hair during the day because after 3pm, my brain cells have given up on me and it’s a risk at best.
So he gets home at 5.30pm and I’m already a couple of wines in and I start cutting. I’m actually congratulating myself at how quick I’m going. I really FEEL like a hairdresser for the first time in years! Snip, snip, snip… oh, and I’m doing something a little different back here but it seems to be working… until I comb it all down. No.. that is not right at all and I hoped to God he hadn’t seen the expression on my face. I tried to fix it as best as I could and I’m pretty sure I got away with it. It will grow…

So, after no exercise we got into the car and drove! Such a gorgeous day in Adelaide today.
Just perfect for driving and being out in the world.
Our first stop was McDonalds. What’s a road trip with some Macca’s after all???

It was still fairly early when we got to Victor. We parked and decided we were going to walk along the bluff to Rosetta Head.
I probably should add that while hubby does exercise, he’s a reluctant exerciser…


img_8868These are the nice pictures. After this bit, the grass was dry, the air smelt bad and everything was so sparse. Hubby was in a grumpy mood because he didn’t want to walk. He said he’d rather be walking in Italy, Japan or Greece.
I tried to sell the nature to him (hard at that exact moment) but it didn’t work.  Do you know how hard conversation is with a grumpy person?

At one point he asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride when we got back home. The last time I had answered “yes” to that question was over twelve years ago and why is he even thinking of that when today has not even started!

We saw Rosetta Head in the distance and I suggested to hubby we should just walk to the cafe, have a drink, then if we felt like going further we would or we could just turn back.

I saved us a table while hubby went to get some cake and coffee. After a little while he comes out with a brown paper bag. “Don’t open it yet” he says. He knows there’s a high probability that whatever yummy thing is in there, is likely to be picked at by me if I can see it.
He went back for the coffee and I peeked.

While it may not look that exciting, the apricot squares were pretty delicious and I had the difficult task of looking surprised and excited when he opened the bag up in front of me.
Sometimes my life is so exhausting.

After the coffee and cake, and the promise that we didn’t have to walk any further, hubby’s mood greatly lifted.

By the time we got back into Victor we were starting to think about having some lunch. We walked past restaurants and cafes and hotels yet nothing seemed suitable for hubby. “No, not there, no that place doesn’t look good, no, not enough people sitting in that one.”
We walked and walked, then went back to the car and drove. We were on our way to Goolwa, potentially stopping somewhere along the way if we saw somewhere decent to eat.
I had lost all hope and said “I feel like we’re never going to eat” and hubby replied “What? We can stop wherever you want!” Seriously, like that last 90 minutes hadn’t happened…

We drove through Port Elliot without stopping, through Middleton without stopping and soon found ourselves in Goolwa.

We got out and walked to the waterfront.

img_8878Nice places but not anywhere that hubby wanted to eat.

I heard the Cockle Train so ran to try to get a photo but just missed it!!!

All that was left were the puffs of black smoke…

So we finally went to the first hotel we saw.
I won’t name it here. It was fine. Food was average. Not bad, not fantastic either. Drinks were fairly cheap.

Hubby had the Chicken Caesar (left) and I had grilled fish. Not sure mine was cooked all the way through but it still tasted ok.

After lunch we walked down the main street towards the bakery. We always get something from there but unfortunately we were later in the day and most of the cakes were gone already.

We bought this cherry yeast loaf/bun thing and a Chester Slice. Hubby seems to think the Cherry bun is all his.


Oh and we went by the Convenient Chef’s but they were closed.

How inconvenient!

Little message for Betsy there too….

We stopped at Horseshoe Bay on the way back. Before we got there, we heard that Cockle Train and guess what? It crossed right in front of us so I was able to get some photos!!! And then waved at everyone in the train. I got a couple of waves back too!!

Out of the car and down the steps, then hubby went straight for the rocks. It’s not like people get swept off them by rogue waves or anything.

He got quite invigorated down there which led to this clip…

The very next thing he said to me was “Did you see me Parkour?”

Few more pics as we walked along. We didn’t go all the way down to the middle of the horseshoe of Horseshoe bay because it was down hill and hubby knows downhill means an uphill is coming…

We took a different turn on the way back home which may not have been the best option. The road was narrow and curvy and I just had to shut my eyes and hope for the best.I know hubby is a fantastic driver but it’s everyone else I’m worried about.

Not sure what this is but we passed it along the way…

Our last stretch was along the coast. How beautiful is the state I live in!!!
We are so lucky to have these beautiful places right on our doorstep.

If you made it this far, thanks for sharing this day trip with us!
Feel free to leave any comments.

Until next time…

The Edinburgh Hotel

Today on The Dining Diaries…

We learn that 5.30pm sometimes means 6.00pm
We searched high and low but couldn’t find the chili and
We were won over by a raging hunger, mood lighting and a lovely waitress.
FullSizeRender (50)
We dined at the historic Edinburgh Hotel or The Ed as it likes to be known today.

We’d been run off our feet all day and as such, had “forgotten” to have lunch so at 5pm, we were ravenously hungry.

Walking into the The Ed you immediately feel relaxed.
Outside there was a biting, frosty cold but inside The Ed, it was toasty warm with dim lighting.

We didn’t think dinner service would start as early as 5pm so we sat in the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. I asked the bar staff what time the dining area opened for dinner and was told 5.30pm. Half an hour? That’s nothing. Just enough time to sip a nice wine.

FullSizeRender (51)At 5.30pm we walked into the restaurant. It really is a nice dining room. Lots of heating, mood lighting and comfortable seating just make you feel at home and make you want to linger a little – especially when the weather is so awful outside.

The views outside are really special too – although by the time we got in there, it was already quite dark outside but I can imagine with all that nice greenery out there, that it would be a really pretty place to sit during the day, protected by the elements.

So at 5.40pm I went to the counter to get a menu and a slightly flustered waitress said that dinner service didn’t start until 6pm and implied that the bar staff often get this information wrong as sometimes it really does start at 5.30pm but not on a Monday.

That was ok, we were enjoying our surroundings. Another lovely waitress came and brought us the menu’s to look through and some water while we waited. She also  asked if there was anything else we wanted and she kindly got us some wedges from the bar menu to tide us over until dinner started.

Their menu is really varied and there were lots of things on there I could have ordered but hubby and I ended up both ordering from their specials menu.

He went for the Char grilled 400g T-Bone served with a mini Caesar salad and chips and I had the pasta special which was Fettuccini with chili prawns, asparagus, Spanish onions, peas, garlic and baby spinach in a napolitana sauce.

FullSizeRender (52)

The food looked wonderful when it came to the table. Our hunger may have had an input on that one.

The chips were a little cold but the mini caesar was really well done with crispy bread and that lovely caesar dressing.

You could tell they had used quality ingredients.

The meat had a nice chargrill taste throughout and was cooked and seasoned well – lovely and tender.

I was pretty happy with how my pasta looked when it came to the table too. First of all it was big – tick – and it was pasta!!  I love pasta.
FullSizeRender (53)There were LOTS of prawns in this pasta. They definitely didn’t skimp on that, and the prawns were juicy but they were not chili prawns.

I was actually a bit nervous about this dish because I don’t normally eat chili but thought I’d take a chance – Even though I preferred it without the chili, it’s disappointing when the menu says something and it’s not on your plate.

Similarly, I didn’t see any peas on there or baby spinach or asparagus – only beans and prawns.
There were baby tomatoes which really lacked taste and this dish probably would have been better without them but it was ok – really it was, and again I have to say we had the nicest waitress who made sure we were ok and happy with how the evening was going.

We had a nice time at The Ed. It is a very interesting place historically and you can read more about that from their website.
I would definitely recommend a visit here even if only for a drink – their wine menu is quite extensive.

Have you been to The Ed?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…