The Curious Squire

Today on the Dining Diaries…

After a couple of false starts, we are curious no more!
Music and interesting decor made for topic of conversation and
Burgers and yummy finger foods to die for!

5teatdrink153curious3Diners today we were at The Curious Squire in North Adelaide; A hip, US-inspired hub for burgers, slow-cooked BBQ steaks, wings and ribs, plus craft beer and cider.

We have driven past this place so many times and even attempted to dine but they were always fully booked and it just never happened. Tonight we got lucky!
We really were only lucky because we had come fairly early. Our table was going to be booked a few hours later and there were reserved signs over most of the tables we saw.

I love the look and feel of this place. Rock music was playing, people working looked like they were enjoying their jobs and lots of other customers were around having a good time. It wasn’t so loud to be distracting though, just enough to make you want to be a part of it.

I love the dark furniture and the streaming light coming from the windows. There’s plenty of interesting things to read on the wall about James Squire himself!

The table numbers are large cards and there’s even a wall of cards in the dining room! I’m not sure what the significance is of a deck of cards but it would be something to look into.

The server who greeted us was really so very lovely and did as much as she could to make sure we could be served today.
We were left with some menus and after not eating for most of the day, were drooling in anticipation.

I couldn’t go past one of the specials that was written up on the board behind the bar.
Ben & Lamb burger; Toasted Blue Bun, Smoke pulled Lamb, Potato skin, mint jelly, lettuce, tomato and onion.
I probably should have paid more attention to the “mint jelly” part of that description!

Hubby ended up ordering the Trio of Sliders -pig mac, mother clucker and american cheeseburgerers;

But before those dishes came, we got some entree’s to start…

We had to try their wings! American Buffalo Wings – crispy fried chicken wingettes with our curiously different take on the famous frank’s hot sauce with ranch

On Wednesday’s they sell these for 50 cents each!

We also got the Cheesy Macho Nachos – 12 corn tortilla chips served with queso, refried beans, smashed avocado, sour cream and added texas chilli on the side.


I’m not much for wings but hubby definitely is and he just loved these.

Hubby said they had a strong vinegar based sauce and they were perfect!

Just like the way he makes them.

Although I don’t eat wings I tried one and could see they had been cooked well and everything was fresh and crispy. I was almost converted!

The Nacho’s were also really well done.

The cheesy sauce was gooey and oozed a little to the nacho’s below.

Again, all the sauces were fresh and the nacho’s themselves were large (not broken) and crispy.

The texas chili on the side was soooo delicious!! Again, a little too hot for my liking but I have a low tolerance. Hubby just loved it! The meat in there was so tender and the sauce had a beautifully sweet tomato taste. I couldn’t help dipping my fries in there later even though I knew it was hot!

The one thing that did bother me a little was that our mains were brought out before we were even halfway through our entree so we had a table full of food that was now all going to get cold. Perhaps it was just a mix up in the kitchen.

Hubby’s sliders looked good and deceivingly small…
These buns were all full of flavour. They are not stingy when it comes to filling!
I also love the way they bring the food out on those silver trays.

Hubby said he really couldn’t fault a thing, it was all really great tasting. There was one he particularly liked that had a mustard sauce in it.

My burger was equally good! I wasn’t quite sure how a “BLUE” burger was going to look or even why you would want to do that though. It’s green in the picture, but when you bite into it, the inside is blue.

I instantly tasted the mint jelly and wished I’d asked to not have that in the burger. Thankfully, there really wasn’t a lot of it. The potato skin was more like a slice of cooked potato rather than skin but that too was ok.
It’s a really big burger so probably not something you’d order on a first date!!! I ended up having to take some of the insides out and eat them separately.

Overall, I’m so glad we came here. It’s seems to be a buzzing place and you really don’t mind spending your money when you know the service, food and atmosphere are going to be good!!
I definitely recommend going down to The Curious Squire and having a look at what they have to offer but go on a Wednesday if you can to take advantage of that wing special!!

Have you been to The Curious Squire?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…

Burger Foundry – Magill

Today on The Dining Diaries,

The drinks menu makes me sad but caramelised onions make me happy,
Late lunches mean a solo dining room experience and
Burgers to make us go mmmmmm

FullSizeRender (57)We were really craving a burger today and many places have been suggested to me so although it was tempting to go to an old favourite, we found ourselves at The Burger Foundry at Magill.

If you go to their website, you’ll notice they have a whole page dedicated to their food philosophy which is pretty impressive. One thing they mention is no brioche buns! That was a tick for me already! I don’t get this whole brioche bun craze…

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk into this particular Burger Foundry is the Industrial decor. From the wood to the rusty steel, corrugated iron to the concrete floors it’s all industrial and it’s a look I’m into at the moment.
It was after 3pm when we got there and as such, there was no one else in the dining room. The server was a really nice who took our order and gave us his full attention. I don’t know if he just worked there or was the owner but it seemed he was enjoying what he was doing rather than just going through the motions and that always makes you more comfortable as a diner.

The menu was pretty good if you’re looking for burgers. Lots of different ones to choose from including vegetarian and vegan. There’s also a few side options including fries, onion rings and salads.

I don’t understand how liquor licensing works but I was a teeny bit disapointed that they had three beers and a cider on the menu but no wine.

Easy listening contemporary music was playing while we waited for our order. We were in luck because the day we went in was a Tuesday and they have a 50 cent each wings special on Tuesday! Hubby loves his wings so we ordered a couple of burgers, some fries and ten Buffalo Wings.

The food looked good when it came to the table! It was cooked and brought to us by the same person who had taken my order when we arrived.

I had the Swiss Smith – Foundry grilled meat patty with sweet caramelized onions, juicy mushroooms, thick tomato slices, Swiss cheese, aioli & mesclun greens.

FullSizeRender (54)

Hubby had the Aussie Beerenberger – Foundry grilled meat patty with sweet beetroot slices, thick tomato slices, crispy smoked bacon, sunny side up egg, Beerenberg’s relish, matured Cheddar cheese, aioli & mesclun greens.

FullSizeRender (56)
So let me say first up that we both enjoyed our burgers. I could smell that caramlised onion even before I brought that burger up to my mouth and it was such a gorgeous aroma. Everything that was in our burgers was quality and delicious.
The only small complaints I would make is that I prefer my bread to either be toasted or at least warm. The bread was room temperature and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t so big. There was a lot of bread compared to what was in the burger. I also thought that meat pattie itself could have been a little bigger as it got lost inside that bun and you couldn’t always taste it.
But these are small complaints. The bread itself is made by Burger Foundry and you could tell. Similarly with the sauces in the burger, they’re all made by Burger Foundry. It’s quality and it really does make a difference.
Their website says their food is made with love and from what I saw of the one server/chef today, I would have to agree.

FullSizeRender (55)The wings were excellent value.

All of those wings were five dollars! I love how they served the fries too.

I don’t normally eat wings but hubby, being Canadian, is an aficionado and says they were really very tasty and spicy but he wouldn’t have called them Buffalo Wings. He says Buffalo Wings are more to do with how the wing is prepared rather than the sauce that is on it.

All in all this was a great dining experience and if you’re after a couple of burgers and casual dining I’d recommend The Burger Foundry.


Have you been to the Burger Foundry?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…