Oot and Aboot in Canada Eh! – Day Nine


This morning I took the easy and much warmer way out and used the treadmill in the basement.

If only I’d thought to use this earlier in the week.

It’s in miles so I have to convert but keeping the mind busy makes the time go faster.


Today we were lucky enough to be taken out to lunch at Hy’s restaurant, downtown Winnipeg.

Just walking into the building was an impressive experience!

We couldn’t go past the NY Steak Sandwiches so all  ordered them but with different sides.

Honestly the steaks were cooked so well!! They were such a pleasure to eat! And I had the veggies and they were sweet and had lot of flavour as well.


IMG_0375We also enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine as suggested by our lovely server.

For some reason, we don’t have a lot of Key Lime Pie in Australia so when I saw it on the menu, I asked hubby if he wanted to split it and it really was very good!! It was pretty sweet though so I was glad I only had a half serve.

IMG_0376We went for a walk this afternoon and noticed a carnival setting up nearby.  I’m not sure how often it comes by here but I think it’s been set up at some point every time we’ve visited.

I’ve also noticed School Buses all over the place here! We don’t have those in Australia.
If anyone needs a bus, they just get on a public bus or train.
No special school buses or at least, it’s not the normal thing.


And while shopping I saw some S’Mores and I’ve never had one so had to try it right?

I was so excited to try it but it was pretty sickly sweet so I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to have that again.

Our time is quickly coming to a close. Too quickly. We’ve returned our rental car and are leaving in the wee hours tomorrow morning so today really is it and we’ll be packing and organising all our stuff.

As this part of our journey comes to an end, we’ll be looking forward to our next leg that begins in Tokyo, Japan.

I hope that you’ll continue on this trip with us.

For now, Good night and konichiwa!

2 thoughts on “Oot and Aboot in Canada Eh! – Day Nine

  1. The veggie accompaniment looks like it was really tasty at your stop into Hy’s.

    Glad you’re having a nice time with family and enjoying your trip. I’ll be looking forward to your next one in Japan, especially since I’ve been following you for awhile now and enjoyed the armchair adventures with you. Will be looking forward to seeing what new ones await us. You must be excited!
    On the school bus issue, I’m totally amazed! How is it done? I used to walk to elementary school when I was young, and walk to the bus stops for the school bus in the later grades, here in the U.S., in developed areas; rural ones may be different. While they still have them, times, and safety/security issues make many concerned parents provide their own transport for their kids. Sometimes that conflicts with work schedules, etc., and not every parent has that privilege, economically and otherwise. In more densely populated areas, I notice that the kids often take public transport, as well (it’s free for them, up to a certain age, and discounted for older students… I think I’ll suggest to our transportation agency that they should make it free for all students, up to about age 28 or so, just to cover those attaining college degrees while working, as I had other suggestions for them on extending route times so that commuters can work the retail hours stores require of their employees, especially on Sundays).

    Well, I’ve gone on, but haven’t commented at your site in awhile, so just making up for lost time, and writing to wish you Bon Voyage.

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