Greece is the Word – Day One

Spooners and Forkers we’re in Greece!
Right off the bat, I’d like to invite you to share air travel stories with me. I’m so dreading the flight back. Nothing wrong with the actual flights themselves but the length of them!
We started off in wonderful style. Hubby got us business class tickets on Qantas for the first leg to Perth. Who doesn’t love getting pampered?
Juice before take off, great food and service, all the alcohol you want without judgement.

I looked over my shoulder once or twice at the economy section and felt a twinge of guilt until the curtain was closed. Out of sight, out of mind.
Alas it came to an end.

To prepare for the potential worst, we planned to get to Perth a lot earlier than our departing flight from Perth. Six hours earlier in fact.
What did we do in those six hours? We toured all the food establishments in the airport. Domestic AND International because what else better to do is there than eat when you’re bored?
You know you’ve waited a long time when you hear yourself say “It’s less than three hours to the flight now!” as a positive statement.

People were not shy about putting their feet up as they waited for this late night flight. Oh please, make yourself at home.

We flew Qatar airlines from Perth to DoHa. I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan of their uniforms. A scrunchie? Really? Is it 1986?
We sat next to a very social man from Turkey who was on his way back to Instanbul. Shhh it’s a secret but I recently became obsessed with a Turkish show called “Ezel” and that’s all I could think about every time he spoke. Probably the only person who could understand this is my mum who hooked me onto “Ezel” and other Turkish shows. We’ve even shared a Raki or two together but back to our travel…

After waiting six hours at the Perth airport, we boarded the Qatar airlines flight to DoHa. That leg was eleven hours. ELEVEN. Once we arrived we transferred quickly to another Qatar flight from DoHa to Athens. I don’t know why I thought that flight was only going to be a couple of hours. Wishful thinking probably. It was five hours but the saving grace was that hubby and I were seated next to each other without anyone else. That makes it easier when you want to get up and stretch your legs. You don’t have to annoy anyone to get up.

Next up, we will be enjoying glorious warm weather in Athens!

Highlights of the flight:
The food
The staff
Being podcast prepared
Easiest ever experience of going through immigration and customs declaration.
Explaining to hubby that “Stoled” is not a word. ie, “That woman isn’t wearing shoes, maybe someone stoled them” is not correct.

Lowlights of the flight:
Soreness from sitting too long
People reclining their seats as fast and hard as they can.
Boredom descending into petty squabbles between loving adults.

8 thoughts on “Greece is the Word – Day One

  1. Well, that answers the question I was asking myself – wonder why she’s not writing any more? I was definitely wondering where you had vanished to and if you were no longer posting. Glad to see you back again – even if it is from far away places with strange sounding names.

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  2. I don’t know where the time has gone, either. April just skipped into the end of June, and May was lost en route. Think your posts came with a new name into my email, so I missed your Grecian whirl. I’m just ketchupping… No, that’s not a word, either. Catching up; okay. You know what? I don’t appreciate business class: the seats are too large; there’s no seat in front, to prevent yourself from flying out in the event of an airbrake; and hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars higher cost it is… just to receive a better grade of airline food? I mean, c’mon…

    But, yeah… look at that food… There’s nothing like a darn good Greek/Greek-style salad…

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  3. My absolute favorite airport Is Changi in Singapore. They have transit hotels, amazing restaurants, museums, pool, butterfly garden, and a tour of the city if your layover is long enough. It was always my gateway between worlds when I flew from Papua New Guinea to Los Angeles or back again. I used to relish that transition.

    Whenever we tried to book a room through email or on a hotels site, we’d always get a response that they are booked. When we got to the airport and were talking with the person at the information desk, she called up and got us a room (by the hour — starting with a 3-hour block). Now we know to make a phone call. I tested last time I was on, out of curiosity, since I saw them listed — still got turned down and tried several dates.

    This isn’t true for Seoul Airport, though. You can easily book online.

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