The Sneaky Pickle

Today on the Dining Diaries…

A hungry ‘cowboy’ enters hungry, empties his pockets, and still leaves hungry…
Dim lighting is used, not for romantic purposes, but so you can’t see how small your serve is and…
Not sure how to deal with a waiter who joins you at your table to explain the menu and take your order.

Diners, you may think I like doing reviews where I write about all the things I didn’t like but in fact I loathe them and yet I would be disingenuous if I wrote anything but what I’m about to write about The Sneaky Pickle.

This place came with a HUGE recommendation from a previously trusted source so hubby and I were quite eager to try it out.

sp1.jpgIt’s location on Goodwood Rd is a little difficult to get to and the frontage is quite unappealing. We didn’t even know if they were open! Hubby tried the door and said it was still locked. We waited in the car for another ten minutes or so when finally I said I’d try the door… I couldn’t believe they’d still be closed when it’s after their advertised opening hours….
Turns out hubby hadn’t turned the handle…. they’d been open..
But honestly you wouldn’t know because it seems like you’re walking into a shop that hasn’t been used in years.
From the outside, we couldn’t hear or see anything going on inside.

When we finally did get inside I felt a little better. It seemed like a pretty cool place – American BBQ is their style. There were lots of decorations on the wall, heavy wood furniture, hipster looking waiters and it was dark. I mean really dark!
There was music playing that ranged from Country and Western to Sixties lounge jazz.

We were sitting right under the watchful eye of that big guy on the right there.

There’s lots of huge wooden benches/booths and hubby and I sat in one. A few minutes later the bearded waiter came and squashed in alongside us so he could explain how the menu works.


So they’ve got those BBQ meats on the top  of the menu. You pick the meats and quantity you want. That’s what they want you to do, and then you pick your sides. You do have a couple of options for sandwiches but they really want you to pick the meats and sides.
We didn’t have the Chicken thighs or Bourbon wings options on the menu we were given.

I don’t have a picture of the drinks menu but they mainly have American Beers and soda’s here.

So I went and ordered one each of the BBQ meats, a side of Texas Beans (+bacon + chili) and a serve of Bread Rolls. Remember when places would just serve you bread??
The menu says that the BBQ meats come with House pickles and BBQ sauce.

Well my dear diners, here is what we got for $39


See the pickle and sauce on the left bottom of the tray? That’s what they gave us to go with the BBQ meats. “All BBQ meats come with House pickles and BBQ sauce.”
Sneaky Pickle indeed!!!

Those bread rolls were tiny. One bite and they were gone. I mostly stuck to the beans because I’m usually not a big meat eater and nothing there looked appealing to me. The Brisket was ok but it had huge gobs of fat in it. The pulled pork was ok. Hubby really liked the rib but he wasn’t sure of the value for money seeing as one rib was $7. ONE.
Hubby didn’t like the sausage at all. It had a very smoky taste and seemed a bit gritty as well. I had a little of it but wouldn’t have been able to eat a whole one. I’m not sure what the herb or spice was in there.

I tried to take a few more photos of the food, getting a little closer on some of the meats…

I had to wonder why they kept the room so dark. The windows were furnished with heavy black curtains. Is it so you can pretend to be whisked away to Texas or so that you don’t see how small the serve is you’re getting?
I really didn’t like those camp style plates and trays they were using either. And they brought us that platter of food to share, but no side plates so we could actually eat our food in front of us instead of having to reach for the centre of the table and hope we didn’t drop any.

The food didn’t take long to be gone, not because we loved it, but because there wasn’t much there…. So we left poorer and still hungry…
But it was ok, we stopped in at a Maccas on the way home and filled up with a few little naughty things for a fraction of the money we’d spent at the Sneaky Pickle…

We remembered the quote “Everything is bigger in Texas” but then were reminded that we were actually not in Texas and it all made sense…

This place seems to have a bit of a cult following so please don’t just take my word for it.
If you do go though, be prepared ….

Have you been to the Sneaky Pickle?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…

8 thoughts on “The Sneaky Pickle

  1. Been to the food truck a few times over the last two years and it was amazing. Pity you had such a bad experience was hoping to go to the actual restaurant someday.


  2. That’s horrible! I can just imagine how dank and dark it was. No thanks! There’s a place around here called “The New York Deli” that has a huge rating on yelp, and everyone I talk to says it’s good, but the food was terrible. I had a lovely view of the dumpster and was given soda out of a can. I don’t know where they get the pickle name–you get more pickles on a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich!

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  3. Sneaky indeed!! Here in (actual) north Texas, the BBQ place we northern-US transplants love best has 4L containers full of different kinds of pickles, where we can serve ourselves unlimited heaps of them to go with our food. Most of the true TX BBQ joints *don’t* have tremendous variety in the way of side dishes, and some of the sides are rather odd if you’re not accustomed to them. Many places’ bread offerings are limited to a generous handful of sliced, super-processed, squishy white sandwich bread pulled straight out of the plastic store bag—the only great use for it, in my experience, is to wipe grease off of my hands and arms!

    Some Texas BBQ pit masters are offended if you ask for sauce. Some of the places, like my husband’s and my favorite, have you march up to the butchering counter, order meats by weight and perhaps a few containers of sides, get the meat all bundled up in butcher paper (dripping with rich fat—I’ve nearly ruined some clothes by being incautious with the meat packets), and carry your treasures to your table, where you and your dining companions all reach across the table and take hunks of meat to eat from your (presumably clean) hands, or if you’re really *fancy*, from plastic utensils.

    Are we uncouth beasts? Perhaps. But if you’ve fallen in love with the smoky taste of heaven that is perfect Texas brisket, you don’t much care about manners, flatware, side dishes, or nearly anything else once you get a piece of that glistening, tender brisket in front of you. It’s not exactly cheap here, either, but when it’s done exactly right, it’s pretty amazing, and suddenly you don’t notice the grunge and the casual air of using a spongy piece of non-nutritive white bread to wipe your chin before you take a good swig of Dublin (Texas) Dr Pepper (the only place that still manufactures the soda with actual cane sugar, and yes, it *does* taste better) or perhaps a Lone Star longneck. I hope you get a chance to experience it someday. Of course, I would love to get a chance to experience Adelaide someday, too!!!


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    1. Thanks for that! I found your comment really interesting. While I’ve been to America and Canada quite a few times I’ve never been to Texas. We should be heading on over to US around the middle of next year so might have to visit Texas this time!

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      1. Do, if you get the chance. While it’s not where I ever expected to live, let alone for years, it has its unique charms and my spouse and I are enjoying finally getting to see a bit more of the state than in our first number of years here. It is, of course, as big as most countries, so it’s much more varied than I would have imagined, coming from far different territory. Texans are a friendly and generous bunch, as long as we don’t step on their firmly held opinions too rudely! I’m still working on it, but it’s worth it for the outsized Texas adventures. 🙂

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  4. Traveling through Texas, the kids in the back seat of the family station wagon beg the eternal question, “Are we in the next state yet?” To which the mother in the front passenger seat responds, “We’re not even in the next town yet!”

    Sorry to hear your experiences there were not so fortunate. As for me, I’ll take a sweet-and-sour, homemade, Jewish-style brisket, anyday! Yeah! And of course, lots of pickles — half-sour tomatoes go best with it! Pretty sure this is where the idea originated, anyways.

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  5. Yet another fantastic article – and once again I’m left saying how many more innuendos can they stumble into without realizing it. Your handle is “Spoon you, fork me” and you’re being us an intriguing look at “sneaky pickles.” At this point of you aren’t trying very hard not to snicker tremendously, you’ve missed the point. Please please please keep doing what you’re doing!

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