Zak’s Restaurant

Today on the Dining Diaries…

Music and food aromas transport us to the Greek Isles,
Well cooked meat soothes the savage beast uptight man
and a Moussaka worth driving to West Lakes for…

zak4.jpgDiners today we were at Zak’s Restaurant, beautifully situated between the Westfield shopping centre and water at West Lakes.

I called them before we arrived as it was 1.55pm and I wanted to be sure they were still serving lunch. I’d just called another place I won’t name, who said lunch was till 2pm only. 2pm???? On a Saturday? Who is even thinking about lunch before 2pm on a Saturday?

But let me not waste words on that place…

The first thing I noticed as I walked in was the wonderful food aroma! It made me instantly hungry!! There were tables available inside and out and we chose to eat outside and take advantage of the beautiful water view.

zak1Although it was an overcast day in Adelaide, it still was a gorgeous sight and with the Greek music playing, the wonderful aromas, the waiters with accents and the slightly dated furniture, it felt like we’d been whisked away to the Greek Isles.

I was prepared to indulge this fantasy!

I ordered a red wine and I wish I could remember which it was now as it was delicious and I was now fully relaxed!

As soon as hubby mentioned Zak’s Restaurant I started thinking Moussaka. I’d been craving one for a while since I don’t feel I’ve ever eaten a good one in any of the Greek restaurants I’ve been to. The menu had a lot of tempting options on there but I was resolute and ordered the Moussaka. Hubby went for the Mixed Grill. Again, I couldn’t fault his choice as we’re in a Greek restaurant, how could he not have meat?

We watched meals coming out and started salivating. They looked sooooo good!

There’s a fine balance in between meals coming out too early or late. You really don’t want either but at Zak’s restaurant it seemed just right. We’d had time to unwind, enjoy the atmosphere a bit and let ourselves get hungry anticipating our food

We both were not disappointed as we watched our food being put down before us.

Hubby’s mixed grill looked pretty good.


Look at that meat! It included lamb cutlet, pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, chevapchichi, served with chips and salad.
The salad was dressed beautifully. Thank you Zak’s!
Hubby immediately went into his food cone of silence so I knew he was enjoying everything he had. He later said the meat had a really good char grilled taste and everything was cooked and seasoned beautifully. I asked him if he could fault anything and he said no. I mean look at it, it looks pretty perfect! Once he had finished all he had left on his plate were a few bones. It was all completely devoured.

I thought my Moussaka looked pretty good. It looked to be a generous serve!


I had the same salad as hubby with a liberal amount of beautiful dressing on it. You could tell they used quality ingredients.
The moussaka was pretty good too. Lots of meat and eggplant and potato. The potato was soft and easy to get through. I’m not sure if I’m expecting something wrong but again I would have thought there should be slightly more bechamel sauce in there. However what I did have I thoroughly enjoyed, It was hot and comforting and very tasty . The cheese on top had been grilled and was crispy without being burnt. It was really a lovely dish.

Zak’s restaurant have been finalists in the Awards for Excellence in the past and you can tell they care about what they serve from the wait staff, to the kitchen, to the owners, they all want you to have a good experience and they will work hard to do it.

It was all Greek to us and we liked it!

Have you been to Zak’s Restaurant?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!!

Till next we chow…


2 thoughts on “Zak’s Restaurant

  1. I love the russet-colored casting, from the blended, dark red wine in the foreground, to the clay-hued ground, brownish water, and vignette-softened edging. Lovely! The mixed grill, I would say, looks just marvelous in that photograph, and you know I’m rather fond of your well-humored “cross-outs”! Well done, team; well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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