Today on the Dining Diaries…

Cracked wooden boards that give us the heebeegeebees (and hopefully nothing else)…
Fries that excite and
Raw dough and serves that make me want to cry.

Today diners we were at the famous Jimmies restaurant in Crafers. It really is in a gorgeous spot in the Adelaide hills but good luck trying to get parking there!

It was a sunny but frosty day in Adelaide but the restaurant was deliciously warm as we walked in. It was quite full and I was trying to get a sneak peak at other diners plates as we were led to our table.
We were seated by a window which gave us a nice view

It was nice to sit there sipping some wine and any chill we may have felt soon was gone.

FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (16)I noticed they had decorative birdcages in just about any corner and in fact also had a feature wall with bird wall paper on it. I would have liked to have known if there was any connection to that and the name because there didn’t seem to be any.

Because we were seated in a room around the corner with only a few other tables, it seemed like we were pushed out of the way however I couldn’t see any other way they could have sat us in that place. Still, the view was nice…
It just felt like the room was not as special as the menu sounded – if that makes sense…

So onto the food! I chose one of the specials – Blue Swimmer Crabs Linguine with tomato sugo, cherry tomato, baby spinach, basil, garlic and chili.
Hubby chose a Lamb Calzone
We also ordered some fries to share while we relaxed with our drinks.

I believe Jimmies is primarily a pizza place because there were a lot of pizza’s on the menu and in fact, looking around at the two large tables next to us, they all had pizzas. The pizza’s were served on wooden boards.
I’m not a fan of wooden boards as I can just imagine all those little germs growing between the cracks and waiting to attach to any food I might eat.
The pizzas we saw were very thin crust so if you like that kind, you’d be happy here. I prefer a thicker, airy crust myself.

IMG_6654The fries looked pretty good when they came! I mean, fries are fries right? But these were presented nicely and they looked really fresh.

That paper they’re in is made to look like a front page of a newspaper and was titled “Food Review” or something like that, with cute little articles about food.

Those sauces the fries came with were amazing!!! I can’t remember how they were described on the menu but the tomato based one seemed to have a Mexican taste to it and the other seemed like a mayonnaise with garlic aioli and perhaps some other seasoning in it. That one was my favourite!

We did have to wait a little while for our mains though.
The server came up at one point to tell us they weren’t far away now but it would have been nice if she’d offered us another drink for our patience or something like that.

FullSizeRender (14)I couldn’t help but be disappointed with the size of mine when it came.
It just looked like a little heap on a big plate.
The taste however, was something else. Every ingredient in there was fresh and bursting with flavour. The sugo was delicious. Although I couldn’t see a lot of crab, the taste was strong throughout.

Unfortunately I also got a bit of shell in my dish which really spoiled it for me.
I’m normally weirded out by seafood but really wanted to step out of my comfort zone by ordering this dish and that shell didn’t do much for my bravery! However up until that point I had really been enjoying it.

FullSizeRender (13)

Hubby was really looking forward to his calzone as it had been a while since he had one.

Yes, it was served on a wooden board. You can’t see it in the picture but there was also a large crack on it – that’s where the germs live – at least, that how I saw it.
To make things worse, an ant came up out of somewhere, crawling along the edge of the board.
Those are the type of things you have to put out of your mind when you’re hungry.

As for the taste… the filling was delicious! The sugo was divine! the pastry? Well that was uncooked. As soon as I saw it I could tell but I tasted some also and it just tasted like completely raw dough. Now THAT was disappointing for a place that is supposed to be serving quality food.
I’m not sure if it’s able to be seen in the photo I took but that is absolutely raw dough.
FullSizeRender (15)

They had made us wait for that food and honestly I would have waited longer, that would have been ok, rather than have food that is not cooked properly.

Although it sounds like I’m having a big whinge, there were lots of things I liked about Jimmies. I think the chef is on track, he, or whoever  is preparing the food, just needs to pay a little more attention to detail. The quality of the ingredients and food is undeniable but shell in your food and raw dough is unacceptable.
I hope this doesn’t put you off going there though and I’d be inclined to revisit in twelve months or so to see if anything has changed.

Have you been to Jimmies?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below….

Till next we chow….



4 thoughts on “Jimmies

  1. We had a Jimmies here many years ago. It was a simple place, but good food and a good atmosphere. It was always busy and we had quite a few dinners there, on our own or part of a group and as I recall we had a couple meals there when the company we worked for was called BHP – the days long before OneSteel or Arrium. Can’t remember why it closed down but the place is still boarded up and empty. I just wondered as I read, if your Jimmies had any connection with ours.

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  2. Great ideas in food, but not the best in execution. Larger portion of linguine, the calzone on an oval serving platter or plate, with the sauce on the side, would have bumped this up to a great experience (except for the shell…but at least you know it’s fresh?). It’s essential to thoroughly cook raw dough all the way through, so as not to get sick. I see the rawness in the thicker edge area.

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