Burger Foundry – Magill

Today on The Dining Diaries,

The drinks menu makes me sad but caramelised onions make me happy,
Late lunches mean a solo dining room experience and
Burgers to make us go mmmmmm

FullSizeRender (57)We were really craving a burger today and many places have been suggested to me so although it was tempting to go to an old favourite, we found ourselves at The Burger Foundry at Magill.

If you go to their website, you’ll notice they have a whole page dedicated to their food philosophy which is pretty impressive. One thing they mention is no brioche buns! That was a tick for me already! I don’t get this whole brioche bun craze…

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk into this particular Burger Foundry is the Industrial decor. From the wood to the rusty steel, corrugated iron to the concrete floors it’s all industrial and it’s a look I’m into at the moment.
It was after 3pm when we got there and as such, there was no one else in the dining room. The server was a really nice who took our order and gave us his full attention. I don’t know if he just worked there or was the owner but it seemed he was enjoying what he was doing rather than just going through the motions and that always makes you more comfortable as a diner.

The menu was pretty good if you’re looking for burgers. Lots of different ones to choose from including vegetarian and vegan. There’s also a few side options including fries, onion rings and salads.

I don’t understand how liquor licensing works but I was a teeny bit disapointed that they had three beers and a cider on the menu but no wine.

Easy listening contemporary music was playing while we waited for our order. We were in luck because the day we went in was a Tuesday and they have a 50 cent each wings special on Tuesday! Hubby loves his wings so we ordered a couple of burgers, some fries and ten Buffalo Wings.

The food looked good when it came to the table! It was cooked and brought to us by the same person who had taken my order when we arrived.

I had the Swiss Smith – Foundry grilled meat patty with sweet caramelized onions, juicy mushroooms, thick tomato slices, Swiss cheese, aioli & mesclun greens.

FullSizeRender (54)

Hubby had the Aussie Beerenberger – Foundry grilled meat patty with sweet beetroot slices, thick tomato slices, crispy smoked bacon, sunny side up egg, Beerenberg’s relish, matured Cheddar cheese, aioli & mesclun greens.

FullSizeRender (56)
So let me say first up that we both enjoyed our burgers. I could smell that caramlised onion even before I brought that burger up to my mouth and it was such a gorgeous aroma. Everything that was in our burgers was quality and delicious.
The only small complaints I would make is that I prefer my bread to either be toasted or at least warm. The bread was room temperature and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t so big. There was a lot of bread compared to what was in the burger. I also thought that meat pattie itself could have been a little bigger as it got lost inside that bun and you couldn’t always taste it.
But these are small complaints. The bread itself is made by Burger Foundry and you could tell. Similarly with the sauces in the burger, they’re all made by Burger Foundry. It’s quality and it really does make a difference.
Their website says their food is made with love and from what I saw of the one server/chef today, I would have to agree.

FullSizeRender (55)The wings were excellent value.

All of those wings were five dollars! I love how they served the fries too.

I don’t normally eat wings but hubby, being Canadian, is an aficionado and says they were really very tasty and spicy but he wouldn’t have called them Buffalo Wings. He says Buffalo Wings are more to do with how the wing is prepared rather than the sauce that is on it.

All in all this was a great dining experience and if you’re after a couple of burgers and casual dining I’d recommend The Burger Foundry.


Have you been to the Burger Foundry?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

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The Edinburgh Hotel

Today on The Dining Diaries…

We learn that 5.30pm sometimes means 6.00pm
We searched high and low but couldn’t find the chili and
We were won over by a raging hunger, mood lighting and a lovely waitress.
FullSizeRender (50)
We dined at the historic Edinburgh Hotel or The Ed as it likes to be known today.

We’d been run off our feet all day and as such, had “forgotten” to have lunch so at 5pm, we were ravenously hungry.

Walking into the The Ed you immediately feel relaxed.
Outside there was a biting, frosty cold but inside The Ed, it was toasty warm with dim lighting.

We didn’t think dinner service would start as early as 5pm so we sat in the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. I asked the bar staff what time the dining area opened for dinner and was told 5.30pm. Half an hour? That’s nothing. Just enough time to sip a nice wine.

FullSizeRender (51)At 5.30pm we walked into the restaurant. It really is a nice dining room. Lots of heating, mood lighting and comfortable seating just make you feel at home and make you want to linger a little – especially when the weather is so awful outside.

The views outside are really special too – although by the time we got in there, it was already quite dark outside but I can imagine with all that nice greenery out there, that it would be a really pretty place to sit during the day, protected by the elements.

So at 5.40pm I went to the counter to get a menu and a slightly flustered waitress said that dinner service didn’t start until 6pm and implied that the bar staff often get this information wrong as sometimes it really does start at 5.30pm but not on a Monday.

That was ok, we were enjoying our surroundings. Another lovely waitress came and brought us the menu’s to look through and some water while we waited. She also  asked if there was anything else we wanted and she kindly got us some wedges from the bar menu to tide us over until dinner started.

Their menu is really varied and there were lots of things on there I could have ordered but hubby and I ended up both ordering from their specials menu.

He went for the Char grilled 400g T-Bone served with a mini Caesar salad and chips and I had the pasta special which was Fettuccini with chili prawns, asparagus, Spanish onions, peas, garlic and baby spinach in a napolitana sauce.

FullSizeRender (52)

The food looked wonderful when it came to the table. Our hunger may have had an input on that one.

The chips were a little cold but the mini caesar was really well done with crispy bread and that lovely caesar dressing.

You could tell they had used quality ingredients.

The meat had a nice chargrill taste throughout and was cooked and seasoned well – lovely and tender.

I was pretty happy with how my pasta looked when it came to the table too. First of all it was big – tick – and it was pasta!!  I love pasta.
FullSizeRender (53)There were LOTS of prawns in this pasta. They definitely didn’t skimp on that, and the prawns were juicy but they were not chili prawns.

I was actually a bit nervous about this dish because I don’t normally eat chili but thought I’d take a chance – Even though I preferred it without the chili, it’s disappointing when the menu says something and it’s not on your plate.

Similarly, I didn’t see any peas on there or baby spinach or asparagus – only beans and prawns.
There were baby tomatoes which really lacked taste and this dish probably would have been better without them but it was ok – really it was, and again I have to say we had the nicest waitress who made sure we were ok and happy with how the evening was going.

We had a nice time at The Ed. It is a very interesting place historically and you can read more about that from their website.
I would definitely recommend a visit here even if only for a drink – their wine menu is quite extensive.

Have you been to The Ed?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Pizza e Mozzarella Bar

Today on the Dining Diaries,

We discover pizza in Naples must be just ‘ok’
“Hype” can have a negative affect and
When the moon hits your eye and it ain’t a pizza pie, there’s no amore’ to be found.

FullSizeRender (45)

Today the Dining team were in Adelaide CBD.

We have heard a LOT of buzz about the Pizza e Mozzarella Bar situated in Pirie st.
I had even previously tasted a slice or two when a pizza had been taken back to the office by one of my work colleagues and had been impressed.

I had also heard Matt Preston from the Australian version of Masterchef say that this place has the best pizza outside of Naples

I didn’t want to let past experience sway me though, and just wanted to judge my dining experience on the present – as with all my reviews.

My reviews aren’t meant to be a be all and end all, just a written account of my opinions on the day I went into an establishment. FullSizeRender (44)

When you first walk into the Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, you walk into an invitingly warm room. The smell hits you first.

Woodfired pizza’s cooking means there’s a heavenly smokey smell throughout, with hints of garlic and tomato.

FullSizeRender (43)The carpet and mismatched water glasses make you feel like you’re at your nonna’s place.

It definitely whet’s your appetite!

A waiter addressed us as soon as we walked in, set us at a table and explained the specials to us. He was very thorough and persuasive because I ended up choosing the meatball entree that he suggested. Hubby went for the Capricciosa Pizza.
You can also view their menu online which I usually find handy.

When the dishes came to the table I was pretty excited. I could smell the tomato and basil coming from mine and it had been smothered in a gorgeous sauce.
I couldn’t wait to try it!

FullSizeRender (47)

The meatballs were pork and veal (from memory) mince and had mozzarella cheese in the middle.

It’s not in the photo but this dish also comes with four slices of continental bread which is just heavenly!! So deliciously fresh and soft.

I started mopping up my sauce with the bread before I’d even tasted the meatball!

That sauce was just divine and probably the best thing I had in this place tonight.

I’m sorry to say that while hubby didn’t have an awful experience with his pizza, he didn’t love it either.

FullSizeRender (46)The dough was really spongy and fresh and tasted great. The only problem was, the centre of the pizza was watery and soggy.

He wasn’t able to pick up a slice. Maybe that’s how they do them in Naples? Although I’ve been to Naples and I don’t remember the pizza’s being like that.

I felt really disappointed for him because I knew he must he was looking forward to having some good pizza.

The pizza had a bit of a rustic look. He also felt like there wasn’t enough toppings. The photo doesn’t really bring out how barren the pizza was. However, I can attest to the fact that in Italy, the pizza’s are like that. Hubby has a Canadian/American background and I’ve seen the way they pile on the toppings over there then smother it was cheese and more cheese. Sadly this pizza was barren however, what was on there DID taste good.
FullSizeRender (48)
The music that was playing when we were there was eighties and nineties pop. I would have thought they could have gone for something Italian – something more authentic. It was sometimes a distraction.

I was told they make that beautiful bread I ate in-house and in fact, I could buy some to take home if I wanted.
The restaurant also does cooking classes which may interest some people. Their website gives you more information.

FullSizeRender (49)
For the dollars that this place asks, and for the reputation that it has, I would have expected a little more and I’m sorry to say we were a bit disappointed and not entirely full when we left.

After strolling through the city, we went to the Adelaide Central Markets and made everything right again with a couple of treats!

Love the Adelaide Markets!

Have you been to the Pizza e Mozzarella Bar?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

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