Turning Japanese – Part Three

Today on the Dining Diaries we move from Narita to Tokyo…

This morning I was a bit – I really don’t know how to describe it – I was conscious I was not in a familiar place and while I do like it here, I’m just out of place. I don’t know what to eat, I don’t know how to get to where I want easily, and it’s just throwing me off.

However hubby and I went to Tokyo and found it very diferent to Narita.
I guess it’s to be expected, Tokyo being as large as it is.
As we walked around, we noticed  many more Western sounding restaurants. We didn’t actually go into any yet so I can’t tell you if they are, but they look like they are.

And that’s not to say that we came all this way to eat Western food, but it does bring a certain sense of comfort to know it’s there.

This morning we went in search for coffee in Tokyo.
We stopped outside one place called Gorilla Coffee and were having a bit of a giggle at the sign outside.



I mean don’t they know that name calling is just not nice?

Anyhow, while we were standing there in front of this sign, a polite server came out from the cafe and showed us a full menu. He had limited English but how could we say no?

So we went in and ordered the egg and bacon dish and you know what, it was really quite good!!

The egg was soooo fluffy and creamy and look at the size of those pepper corns!! Hubby loved that. I could have left it but I just loved that this was a simple common dish that was presented and tasted in such a different way.

This evening hubby and I went to the Shinjuku district and were amazed at the lights, the people and restaurants and shops!!
Blinding lights, masses of people and shops with things I’m sure we needed. I’m sure we did!

The restaurants are floor upon floor… going up to 10 or more levels. The tricky thing about that is you don’t know what the restaurant looks like before going there. We’d been walking for some time when some guy in an alley convinced us to go up to his restaurant. If we hadn’t been so weary from walking and not being able to make a choice, we might have said “no, not tonight”
And not that it was a bad choice, but it wasn’t special.
We were brought up to the eighth floor. We were given the choice of a normal table and chairs or traditional Japanese seating. We chose the table and chairs.

We ended up ordering dumplings again as we liked the ones we had yesterday. They were nice! And then some Japanese steak (pictured below) and some fried noodles. It was all quite tasty but there seemed to be something missing.

It did say “Japanese Steak” on the menu but as you can see, there’s very little steak. That was not really surprising as I’ve heard it’s very expensive here.

For those interested, here is a snapshot of other items that were on tonights menu.

I chose a wine I wasn’t familiar with and that wasn’t quite what I was expecting either.
Again, everyone is SO polite and bend over backwards to try to help you even if they don’t speak the language. You have to really admire these people!

Once back at our hotel hubby and I snuck into the convenience store and bought a selection of sweet cakes to take back into our room.
Although we’re still a little unsure we are really enjoying our time here.
My guess is there’ll be more noodles and dumplings tomorrow!!


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