Turning Japanese – Part Two

Everything is new for us right now. I’d love to be able to claim that I’m food adventurous but I’m probably not.

Hubby and I spent a good hour at least, walking the streets of Narita, looking for a place to have dinner.
It should be easy right? Lots of places look interesting..
Lots of restaurants look full but they’re small restaurants so put 16 people in there and they’re crammed!
Other restaurants didn’t have many people in there but then you have to think, “why aren’t people in there?”
So we walked… and walked… and walked…. and finally our choice was either to pick up some sandwiches from the seven eleven or try this one last place that had both Japanese and a couple of Western food options.

The other thing that’s confusing us slightly is the money. We’re never quite sure exactly what we’re paying for things…
In any case we ended up going into this last resort place.

The menu was up on the footpath but to get to the restaurant you had to go down a set of dark dingy stairs. We had no idea what was going to be at the end of that stairwell…
As we were going down we heard a bell.  The bell is to alert the staff that people are coming down.

When we got into the restaurant it looked more Western than any of the others we’d seen and that made us feel comfortable.
A non english speaking waitress brought us to a table and gave us a couple of menus.

FullSizeRender-1There were about eight pages of food, all in Japanese.

We kept looking and looking, trying to decide what we were actually going to order.

We were going to see if the waitress, even with her limited English, would be able to help but but she never came back.

Finally, after some time, another waiter came to our table and gave us some English menus!! Oh thank god!!!
So we looked through there and picked some dishes with more confidence, including “pizza” (which ended up being sooooo delicious!!) It was quite some time again until he came back however when he did, he showed us an item on the table that said “press to order”. It was a bell to alert the Waiter that you wanted to order. Arrggghhh would have been nice if we’d known that!

But more interesting than that was how this place worked. Hubby and I ordered four things to share but what the other tables were doing, were ordering one dish at a time, calling the wait staff after each dish to order their next one. It was quite interesting to watch.
The people at the table next to us had a tag each so when they ordered, the wait staff put their order against their tag, therefore they would all get a separate bill.

Speaking of the English menu, it was quite lucky we had that as I would have hated to have ordered the item below by mistake…

I’m not sure if my nervousness to eat is just that we’re in Narita (a relatively smaller place) or if it’s going to be the same in Tokyo… I’ve not even been here twenty four hours and I’m craving Western food.

We’re in Tokyo tomorrow so time will tell!


I’ll leave you with a pic of some of the English menu…


8 thoughts on “Turning Japanese – Part Two

  1. In Osaka, you should try their famous dish…”Okonomiyaki”. And if you return to Tokyo, try the Tokyo’s original version…”Monja-yaki”.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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  2. Fun blog on Japan…thanks!…I’ll be adding to mine hopefully weekly- it was a fascinating country and we were lucky enough to stay with Japanese friends so got to try some pretty adventurous food which we’d never have known how to order!

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