Publishers Hotel

Today on the Dining Diaries…

Perfectly delicious meat pillows.
Attentive but not overbearing staff.
Harmonious relationships between kitchen and wait staff…

I can hear you saying “but wait, that’s just not possible!” but dear readers I swear on the delectable piece of meat I ate for lunch, it’s all true.

What a gorgeous little treat the Publishers Hotel turned out to be! I must have walked past this place a million times, always thinking one day I’d try it and today was my lucky day.

When you’re in the Publishers Hotel, you feel like you’re in a special yet not pretentious place.  As we walked in, we were met by friendly staff who showed us to a table and handed out the menus.
While we tried to choose between the wonderfully sounding items on the menu, wait staff filled our glasses with water and they continued to make sure they were topped up for the rest of our time in the restaurant.

I asked one of the waiters a few questions about the restaurant and he was able to answer confidently not only about the restaurant, but about the history of the building itself. I liked being in a place that was so rich in history.

We ordered our drinks and food – I chose the Lamb Rump – garlic & rosemary infused, baby carrots, zucchini puree and hubby chose the Eye Fillet – onion puree, potato rosti, parmesan crisp, jus

While we waited for our food to arrive, some olives and bread were brought to the table. The olives were gloriously seasoned and covered with a delicious oil. The bread was hard and crusty on the outside, while soft, warm and doughy on the inside.
A little bit of taste heaven and a sign of things to come.

I loved the decor of this restaurant. They really focus on showcasing their wines.
As I had a clear view into the kitchen, I couldn’t help but notice how happy the chefs looked. They were busy, no doubt, but they were obviously passionate about what they were doing and there seemed to be good relationships with the wait staff.

When our food came, it took our breath away – literally dazzled by what we saw on our plates and the aromas coming from the wonderfully cooked food.

Lamb Rump

I had the Lamb Rump. I just could not imagine this tasting any better. The lamb was seasoned beautifully and it felt like I was caressing little meat pillows in my mouth as I chewed and savoured every bite. The carrots added a nice bit of colour to the dish also but the stand out was definitely that piece of lamb. Soft and pink on the inside just as it should be. I would have liked to have had a stronger taste of rosemary as I love rosemary and lamb, but that is really only a minor criticism.

Eye Fillet

Hubby’s Eye Fillet was equally perfectly good. His had a smokey flavour which he found very pleasing. That piece of meat had definitely been respected in the cooking process and was pink and soooooo tender. It was very satisfying… especially after the terrible meat dish at Finn MacCool’s. It was nice to find a chef who actually knew what he was doing. This is how meat should be cooked!
The Eye Fillet also came with a cheese crisp and a Potato Rosti. Hubby had forgotten that was on the menu so it was a nice surprise to find it on his plate and he said it complimented his meat nicely. The potato Rosti was crisp on the outside and full of flavour.

I also loved how the waitress checked on us a little while after our mains came, to make sure that everything was ok and to our liking and it seemed as if it was a genuine enquiry, rather than something she is just supposed to do.

All in all this dining experience was satisfying in every possible way!

Have you been to the Publishers Hotel?
What was your experience?
Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…


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