The Unley


Today hubby and I made it to The Unley.
It was his choice and I’m so glad he picked it because it’s a great little place not far out of the city on Unley Road.

Hubby tells me I’ve been here before but I really can’t remember it.


FullSizeRender (1)

I loved the way it was decorated. It was colourful and warm with a kind of retro decor.

A bit of stained glass here, a bit of steel there and somewhere it all blended in to make you feel like you were in a vibrant, happening and definitely interesting place.

The staff were friendly and welcoming. We were greeted right away and told we could sit downstairs or upstairs. Hubby and I went to check the upstairs and it was quiet enough up there so we stayed.

We were given a couple of menus and I started to get excited. Lots of my kind of food to pick from!

Hubby ended up going for the Caesar Burger and I chose from the “specials” menu and ordered a Steak Focaccia. I know there are other things in life aside from steak sandwiches but lately they seem to be my thing…

As we sat, the tables around us began to fill.

Chicken Caesar Burger

It felt like our food came out quite quickly. I was so excited I almost forgot to take pictures!

My first impressions were “Great, big, shiny food!”
Colourful and generous serves.
I could see the lathering of egg and cheese dripping from the sides.

This was going to be a delicious mess!


Steak Focaccia

We both had fries on our plate. I normally prefer thick chunky style fries and these were very thin however I didn’t mind as they were very fresh and still had a lot of flavour.

My focaccia was crispy and crunchy, and toasty warm. Between the focaccia, the cheese was oozing and the meat was wonderfully tender and still quite pink inside.

Hubby, a man of few words, said he loved the runny egg in his Caeser burger. I asked him what his favourite part of it was and he just said that everything went together nicely.

These burgers were very difficult to eat and we soon found we had sauces dripping down our hands, but even that didn’t deter from the gastronomic delight we were experiencing. Not even being watched by surrounding tables deterred us from partaking in this delightful, mouth-watering Β experience.
I have to say, I was thankful for the thicker than normal napkins they provided. They were double the size and did the job!

We saw plates of food being taken to other diners and the food looked just as delicious as ours did. Big, colourful and begging to be eaten.

At $20 (Caeser Burger) and $16 (Steak Focaccia) this was really great value and I heartily recommend this The Unley.

In fact, I’m looking forward to visiting again soon!

As we were leaving several staff members thanked us for coming and waved like we were old friends. It was nice!

Have you been to The Unley? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…

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