Primo’s Henley Beach

Although Primo’s is not normally a place I’d select, hubby and I had been driving around for a few hours and it was now 2.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon so choices were a bit limited.

This particular Primo’s has a great buffet breakfast but I don’t think we’d ever been here during the week. My experience at other Primo’s hasn’t been anything to rave about but hubby mentioned that Hugh Jackman had recently been to this very Primo’s and ordered steaks for his entire entourage so, maybe things had changed?

The staff were friendly enough. I had called to make sure the kitchen was still open and was politely told the kitchen is open throughout the whole day. Nice to know.

Hubby and I wandered in and were greeted by a friendly waitress who handed us some menu’s and said to come on over to the counter when we were ready to order.

We had a raging hunger!

Hubby ordered a pizza with the lot and I ordered a Primo burger.

Within minutes a waiter came out with some “complimentary” garlic bread.



I’m all for free food but knowing I’d ordered a burger, if I’d been offered this I would have said no thank you.

I could feel my arteries hardening and my hips and thighs thickening as I ate this delicious, oily, buttery mess.

Did I enjoy it? Yeah sure. Did I need it? No… but the gesture is nice and it’s not their fault that I can’t leave a morsel of food on my plate ever….

Hubby did help….

We barely finished chewing the last bite when the food we’d ordered arrived.

It seems so many places are into these brioche buns. They’re not my first choice. I prefer a breadier tasting bun ya know? My burger came with some fries on the side.

First glance it looked nice. The fries were thick and crispy and cooked in fresh oil.

The burger looked ok but I was a bit disappointed with the taste of the meat. The burger itself was a little thin and didn’t have any seasoning on it. ThereIMG_5269 was a gooey cheese sauce lathered liberally through it which was rough for someone like me who makes a mess no matter what it is I’m eating.

Hubby was happy enough with his pizza. I asked him to rate it and he said he’d give it a seven… There was lots of toppings on there but maybe not as much cheese as he would have liked and the crust seemed as if it had been frozen. There was no “wow” factor.

I would give my burger about a five and a half. Not terrible but not fantastic either.

While there was nothing terribly wrong with our food, I probably wouldn’t be in a hurry to go back there.

I wonder what Hugh thought?

Thanks for sharing this dining experience with me. Have you eaten at this Primo? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Till next we chow….