TGIF’s Marion

Hubby and I love TGIF’s. What it is exactly about this place we love I don’t know because we order the same thing every time. Maybe it’s the atmosphere? Or the booths? Whatever it is, I do like coming to this place.

Tonight we arrived about 6.30pm and were shown to a booth.
Hubby ordered a cider and I ordered Wynne’s Black Label Cab Sav and it was deliciously light and very easy going down!
We looked at the menu but I really don’t know why because hubby always orders Twisters  and I always order Bruschetta pasta. This time he ordered some onion rings as well.
The first thing we noticed about the menu was that some of the prices had increased since we’d last been. Ah well, a business has to make a profit right? But otherwise the menu has pretty much been unchanged since we first started coming here and I’m sure it’s been a few years?
IMG_5299The meals came quite quickly.
My pasta had a wonderful sweet tomato aroma and I could barely wait to take a picture of it before tucking in.
The pasta was cooked well. My only criticism is that there is too much garlic. I know it has garlic in the menu description but come on!
Definitely no kissing happening after this meal… and the piece of bread they give you with it is barely a couple of mouthfuls. But it was all very tasty and definitely worth it.
Hubby’s onion rings looked a bit sad to me. I tasted a couple and thought the onion itself had a bold sweet IMG_5297flavour (Everything sweet tonight!) but the batter around it was so flaky that there were lots of batter flakes left on the plate before he was halfway through them.
If it were me, I would have preferred the onion without the batter anyway…
Still hubby was happy enough with them.
The only thing hubby didn’t like about his Twisters is that there is never enough.
The last time we were there, the waitress grabbed the cheese goo jar on the side and poured it over his twisters for hIMG_5298im. He was horrified. This time she didn’t but he would have been ready to start war if she even looked like she was going to attempt it. It’s serious business this cheese pouring…
The restaurant was busy and noisy and definitely a happening place this Saturday night. We definitely had an enjoyable experience and will no doubt, be back again soon.
Hubby was well contented and was almost at food coma stage…
We were off to the movies after that but I won’t tell you how we came up after the three, 150 gram packets of chocolates that we consumed during the movie….. oh yes dear reader, that happened!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Till next we chow…

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