The Fleurieu Pantry

IMG_5393.JPGThe Fleurieu Pantry  is a delightful little place in the heart of Port Noarlunga. Their facebook page says their food is organic and sourced locally.
I fell in love with this place a few years ago when I wandered in here by accident with my barbershop quartet Esprit.

Today, hubby and I were joined by my daughter, Sarah.
We were greeted at the door by a waiter who was very helpful and welcoming. The first thing I noticed was the colour! Beautifully decorated, using repurposed items and furniture from years ago, it felt like I was walking into mama’s kitchen. There was so many interesting things to look at (including the delicious cake display) that I felt we were shown to our table too soon!

I think hubby was a little intimidated as this is not the place he would usually choose to go to.
The menu itself offered a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options if you’re into that sort of thing.
The physical menu itself was a little disappointing. Just a few pieces of paper stapled together and ours were old and a little crinkled. I mean it’s not really a huge expense to give your customers something a little more interesting is it?? And considering the wonderful food they produce, I find it a little perplexing that they would present what they have to offer in this way.

Hubby looked forlornly at the menu, not usually one to pick a gluten free or vegan option, and said “I think I prefer the kids menu” . He soon spotted nachos however, but didn’t know what Najobe beef nacho’s were so he asked the waitress. The waitress explained that Najobe Grass fed beef is just that, 100% grass fed beef! With no steroids, hormones or antibiotics. However she also added that they had just run out.
At this point I had to look at the time. 12.10pm. Wednesday, early afternoon. I mean had lunch even started? And her words were they had “just” run out.

Chicken Pizza


Hubby ordered the chicken pizza instead.
I went for something different and ordered the Pumpkin, cauliflour and parmeson soup with sourdough bread. I also ordered the Roast capsicum bruschetta which sounded interesting.
Sarah ordered the Falafel Salad Bowl.

I was super excited! I just loved everything about this place! Even the cobwebs that were spun liberally about the place (no spiders in sight) seemed to add to the experience.

While we waited for our food to be ready, Sarah and I wandered through the antique store that is attached to the restaurant. We were surrounded by beautiful items and it felt like we were somewhere very special!

Falafel Bowl



The food came out and again I didn’t know what to look at first!! It was all so colourful and beautifully presented. My bruschetta was on crusty continental bread just as it should be!

The soup looked delicious and was a gorgeous colour. It was all almost too good to eat! It was deliciously creamy and quite temperature hot which is how I usually prefer it. It was served with sour dough bread and sour cream on the side.

Hubby wasn’t too happy with his pizza. He wasn’t a fan of the crust and didn’t think it had been made on site. I took a bite and it had a wholemeal kind of taste to it which I didn’t mind, but I guess you have to like that taste. At least it was firm, unlike the pizza we ate at Melt

Roasted Capsicum Bruschetta


I ended up giving hubby a piece of my bruschetta and he said it was more filling than his pizza.
Although he’s surely entitled to his opinion, it did look like there was a lot of food on his plate so I’m not sure that I would have agreed. Maybe it was more that the pizza he got was not what he was expecting.

Sarah’s Falafel bowl was beautifully and colourfully presented also. She said she was expecting the falafel to be a bit firmer.
It tasted lovely (better when paired with the salad) however it had the texture of mash and she wasn’t expecting that. It was coated nicely in Sesame seeds and who doesn’t like sesame seeds?

She had a few sauces included with hers and one was an eggplant pickle which was really tasty and gave your taste buds a nice kick!

Pumpkin, Cauliflower and Parmesan Soup

We don’t normally order dessert but today just felt different so Sarah and I went up to the counter and picked out three we liked the look of.

We picked a Berry and lemon cheesecake, a Peanut butter stack and a Protein ball. The waitress did describe all these desserts and how they were made and which were organic, made from raw ingredients or vegan friendly but honestly, I just wanted some sweetness in my mouth so I wasn’t really paying too much attention.


The Berry cheesecake was exquisite in that the cheese part of it was very tart, but the berry top and biscuit base were sweet. A wonderful combination!

The Peanut stack was one of those desserts that you kept eating even if you didn’t really know why. It had a bit of an unusual texture but peanuts are nature’s own goodies aren’t they? It had a chocolate topping and it felt a little like spooning a bit of peanut butter together with a bit of Nutella and shoving that into your mouth. That’s “yum” in anyone’s language! It was very rich but also a little crumbly but that didn’t stop us from digging in and enjoying it.
The protein ball had a perfect texture in that it was dense and moist. I had forgotten that the waitress said it was a mint chocolate protein ball so what a nice surprise when I got that mint taste! The only thing I would have left out of it was the dates. Not a date fan.

I tried to pick my favourite dessert but it was hard. It would really depend on what mood I was in on the day I think. They would all have their time and place as my favourite.

As I went up to pay our bill I noticed they had Ed Sheeran playing and it just seemed to finish off the afternoon nicely! I had to stop myself from gushing to the waitress. I really loved everything about what I ate and my experience at The Fleurieu Pantry.

Have you been to the Fleurieu Pantry? What did you think? Please let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow…

The Robin Hood – Norwood

rhh-home-630x400It’s been quite a few years since I was last at The Robin Hood Hotel and if I’m remembering correctly it was a bit of a dive at that time.

Since then, I think it’s had a makeover and I’ve been hearing good things about it so I’ve been wanting to go back and have a look for myself.

My first impressions were really not that great. Hubby and I wandered in from the back entrance looking a bit aimless and lost, and no-one asked us if we were there for dinner, or just wanting a drink.

Finally I found a waiter who told me to grab a menu, have a drink, then come back and order from the bar…
It turned out to be a little more complicated than that. I had to order food from one counter and drinks from another. Stand in one line, then stand in another.

The menu itself was pretty cheaply done and not very exciting to look at which is a shame really, as the food turned out to be surprisingly good.

Hubby and I decided on the Meat Sampler tasting plate and we ordered some sourdough bread and dukkah too.

There were a good amount of people seated in the outdoor area where we were. It was fairly comfortable and there was a large screen TV showing a live AFL game.
Unfortunately there was some unidentified animal droppings at the end of my seat. I guess you have to expect that kind of thing in an outdoor setting.

IMG_5365The bread came out fairly quickly and any minor irritations up until that point instantly vanished. It was warm and crusty and was quite a generous serve. When I broke it apart a puff of steam was released. The outer was firm and crunchy but inside the dough was soft and warm. It was so delicious even before I added any dukkah to it!  The dukkah was also so full of flavour. I  would have loved to have known what was in there. We had no trouble finishing up every speck on that dish!
I’d forgotten its description from the menu so I didn’t realise we also had some babaganoush. I’m not sure I’ve had that before.
It was very creamy and tasty although I have nothing to compare it too so I don’t know if that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

IMG_5366The meat sampler followed fairly closely behind.  It was made up of pulled pork belly and cheese burger sliders, braised lamb shoulder, freekah and Greek feta salad, crunchy chicken skewer, homemade onion rings and sidewinder wedges.

We tucked into the two sliders first. I’m not sure which I liked more. The cheese burger slider was delicious but I feel like I’ve had that before. It was fairly simple but the meat was thick and juicy and the mustard complimented it nicely. No “wow” factor but enjoyable all the same.
The pulled pork slider was equally delicious although I couldn’t taste a huge amount of pork. There was coriander in this slider which gave my mouth a nice “yum” explosion

The Onion Rings were a little disappointing in that I couldn’t really taste the onion. Hubby and I had onion rings recently and the onion was deliciously sweet. The ones on this plate were lost in the batter. The wedges were battered lightly and  were crispy and fresh. I really enjoyed them and thought their shape made them a little more interesting than having normal wedges on your plate..

Another item on this tasting plate was the crunchy chicken skewer. I’m not a huge fan of chicken but these were chicken thigh fillets so they were very tender and moist and the crusty outer was so tasty.
img_5367Next to the chicken skewer was an interesting salad. On the menu they called it freekah and Greek salad. I think the only thing “Greek” about it was they had bits of feta in there but it was absolutely delicious. Feta, freekah, beetroot, almond, goji berries, sultanas… it would have been very sweet but when you ate it with the rocket, it balanced beautifully. I’m going to try to make this one at home!

Lastly, there was lamb on the plate. Lamb is normally my favourite meat but I found this to be very dry however it was still tasty. Maybe that was my lamb bias showing…

As I said, the food was surprisingly good and I’d love to go back there and try a few other items on the menu!

Have you eaten at The Robin Hood? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next we chow….

Hogs Breath Cafe Glenelg

IMG_5351Even though hubby and I go out for dinner fairly regularly, I always get super excited when we’re about to go out. It probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t have to cook…

This Wednesday afternoon we wandered into Hogs Breath Cafe in Glenelg.
I find Hogs Breath to be one of those places where my expectations are always high, even if the end result is just average. I think that’s what they call great advertising!

So hubby and I walked in reading all the cute little lines they have on the stairway to the top floor (I wish I’d taken a photo of this!)

We were met by our friendly waitress Jasmine at the top of the stairs and she showed us to a table out on the balcony.
It was a warmish but overcast day and we had very pretty views of Glenelg and Jetty road from our table.

Jasmine informed us that the new menu was just five days old. My first thought was “yay, new food!” but as soon as she walked away hubby said “You know what that means don’t you? Higher prices”
They do have a cheaper lunch menu option which looks like it’s good value for money but we didn’t order from there.
IMG_5352.JPGNot feeling very adventurous today, I went for something pretty regular, their Steak Sandwich – hold the beetroot please! (Yeah I know, what kind of an Aussie am I?) and hubby ordered the Serious Burger.
She didn’t ask us if we wanted to order any drinks so just as she was about to walk away I put in my wine order, and curiously, she didn’t ask hubby what he wanted to drink.

As we sat there waiting for our food, the other tables around us quickly filled. I was a little surprised at how busy it was, considering it was a midweek lunch meal but it did make it nicer that there was laughter and chatter happening around us.

When our food came out, the waiter got a bit confused calling one a Steak burger and the other a Serious sandwich. One was bigger than the other, and we had different sides IMG_5357otherwise they looked pretty similar.
My Steak sandwich (above) came with sweet potato wedges and I had to dig into one of these right away as they looked delicious and it really was! IMG_5356They were crispy, sweet and flavoursome! Everything you would want from a sweet potato wedge.

Hubby was still looking at his so I asked what was wrong. He replied “Now I know what the “Serious” part means. It’s seriously small.” And then added “If it wasn’t so serious I’d be laughing”


Hubby had a side of twisters on his plate and this photo was taken before he’d eaten any.

He was really disappointed with the amount on the plate, especially when he looked around and saw other plates seemed to have more on them.
Have I mentioned that we like big food?

I was pretty happy with what was on my plate. My steak sandwich looked huge!! In fact the first thing I did was cut through and give half of it to hubby.
As I was cutting I noticed it was cold… It wasn’t the meat that was cold, but the bun was filled with a cold coleslaw and sauce and there was really so much of it, IMG_5358that when I did try to take a bite, I could barely taste any meat.
I’m not really complaining as it was tasty and I felt very full after having it, but I was wanting a steak sandwich and it didn’t feel like I’d eaten any steak.

When hubby tasted some of mine he said it didn’t really taste any different to what he’d eaten.

I asked him what he thought of everything he’d eaten and he said the taste was fine but he wasn’t very happy with portion size.

Personally, I enjoyed what I ate and the things I’m complaining about are very minor. It’s not every restaurant’s fault that we have huge appetites and don’t know what a normal portion size is.

Our burgers were both $21.95 which is probably fairly average give or take a few dollars.

Will we go there again? I’d say it’s very likely although probably not for a little while. I do like the atmosphere and the new menu had a few interesting things on there which I’d like to try next time.


Have you been dined at Hogs Breath?

What did you think?  Feel free to leave your comments below.

Till next we chow…


Melt CBD


I must have walked past Melt CBD a thousand times and never really noticed it.  When hubby and I were looking for somewhere to eat we initially walked past it but decided to go back and give it a shot.

It seems deceptively small from the outside but it’s actually quite a big space and it was noisy and full of people who knew it was cool to be there.

What Melt are known for are their Tapas and Pizza’s. Hubby and I ordered three Tapas and a Pizza because we wanted to get a good idea of what this place was  all about. I thought it was going to be way too much food but as it turns out, there was room for dessert… somewhere else…

So to start off with we ordered three dishes; Halloumi, Hummus and Ground Lamb and Gnocchi in Pesto, Spinach and Kale.



The Halloumi was seasoned nicely. It had a rich deep flavour that just filled our mouths with loveliness.

The bread was toasted and crispy and was perfect for that Halloumi.

The third element on this plate was onion that had a sweetness to it and when you had all the elements on this plate together it was really  “party time” and we had great hopes for the dishes to come.





The Hummus and Ground Lamb  was tasty enough but it was spread quite thinly on the plate and there was hardly any ground lamb in there.


The photo of our dish shows you exactly what we got and that was a little disappointing.


There was way too much pita for the amount of  Hummus although what we did have was not unpleasant.




Our last Tapas dish was Gnocchi with pesto, spinach and kale.

I almost wanted to cry when I saw this dish and it’s probably not Melt’s fault. I just didn’t expect to get six gnocchi in a bowl of cream.

Hubby’s first words when he saw it was “Send it away and tell it not to come back until it’s grown up”

It was a little underwhelming. Hardly seasoned. It really felt like I was eating some stodgy gnocchi in a soup of cream





So then we come to their main specialty…. The Pizza.

We ordered the “El Diablo”

We still had quite an appetite when this came out and sadly, I was again disappointed.

My Italian genes were screaming “This thin, wafer type paper base is NOT a pizza crust!!!” It’s definitely not like mama makes!

I like thin crust pizza, but that was NOT a pizza dough.  This picture does it more justice. It was so thin you actually couldn’t pick up the pizza to eat with your hands. You had to use a knife and fork.  What was on the pizza was OK although I must admit I’ve never had fennel on a pizza before. I may have liked it less had I not been so hungry. The only thing that made me think I’d actually eaten something was the chili which remained in my mouth after we’d finished.

I’m sure I’m in the minority when I say I don’t like this place and won’t be going back there. I thought it was pricey for what you got but I’m guessing you’re paying more for the experience of being somewhere where everyone is saying you have to go, than for what they’re actually offering.

Have you been here?

What did you think?

Feel free to leave your comments below!

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TGIF’s Marion

Hubby and I love TGIF’s. What it is exactly about this place we love I don’t know because we order the same thing every time. Maybe it’s the atmosphere? Or the booths? Whatever it is, I do like coming to this place.

Tonight we arrived about 6.30pm and were shown to a booth.
Hubby ordered a cider and I ordered Wynne’s Black Label Cab Sav and it was deliciously light and very easy going down!
We looked at the menu but I really don’t know why because hubby always orders Twisters  and I always order Bruschetta pasta. This time he ordered some onion rings as well.
The first thing we noticed about the menu was that some of the prices had increased since we’d last been. Ah well, a business has to make a profit right? But otherwise the menu has pretty much been unchanged since we first started coming here and I’m sure it’s been a few years?
IMG_5299The meals came quite quickly.
My pasta had a wonderful sweet tomato aroma and I could barely wait to take a picture of it before tucking in.
The pasta was cooked well. My only criticism is that there is too much garlic. I know it has garlic in the menu description but come on!
Definitely no kissing happening after this meal… and the piece of bread they give you with it is barely a couple of mouthfuls. But it was all very tasty and definitely worth it.
Hubby’s onion rings looked a bit sad to me. I tasted a couple and thought the onion itself had a bold sweet IMG_5297flavour (Everything sweet tonight!) but the batter around it was so flaky that there were lots of batter flakes left on the plate before he was halfway through them.
If it were me, I would have preferred the onion without the batter anyway…
Still hubby was happy enough with them.
The only thing hubby didn’t like about his Twisters is that there is never enough.
The last time we were there, the waitress grabbed the cheese goo jar on the side and poured it over his twisters for hIMG_5298im. He was horrified. This time she didn’t but he would have been ready to start war if she even looked like she was going to attempt it. It’s serious business this cheese pouring…
The restaurant was busy and noisy and definitely a happening place this Saturday night. We definitely had an enjoyable experience and will no doubt, be back again soon.
Hubby was well contented and was almost at food coma stage…
We were off to the movies after that but I won’t tell you how we came up after the three, 150 gram packets of chocolates that we consumed during the movie….. oh yes dear reader, that happened!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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